The Best Lipsticks in Every Finish

The Best Lipsticks in Every Finish

On National Lipstick Day, we’re celebrating everything to do with lipstick. From matte lipstick to liquid lipsticks, we’re sharing the best of the best lipsticks around.

Matte Lipstick

Thanks to new developments in formulas, matte lipsticks no longer mean dry, cakey lips. These feel velvety soft on the lips, with powerful pigmentation and a matte finish.

We love a bold red, soft nudes and deep dark shades in a matte finish, for ultimate impact.

Glossy Lipstick

For a true Hollywood finish, a classic glossy lipstick is the way to go. It looks sophisticated and feels incredible on the lips.

We love brighter, juicier shades in a glossy finish; corals, pinks and reds are the colours to try.

Sheer Lipstick

Sometimes, just a light wash of colour is all you want. New formulations mean you can find sheer lipsticks with all the benefits of a balm so that you can have beautifully soft, pretty lips all day long.

Easy to apply on the go, we love natural nudes and soft pretty pinks. If you want a change, then try soft lilacs for a flush of colour.

Liquid Lipstick

The current beauty darling, liquid lipsticks offer powerful pigmentation and long-lasting formulas, but apply just like a lip gloss.

We love going bold with our liquid lip shades, opting for deep wines, hot pinks and bright oranges.

Luxury Lipstick

Who doesn’t love a beautifully packaged, luxurious lipstick? If you’re going to invest in just one thing in your makeup bag, then your favourite premium lipstick shade is never a bad choice.

We all have a different ‘go-to’ shade and if you’re splashing the cash, go for whichever one makes you feel like a million dollars.

Long-Lasting Lipstick

Lots of us can be afraid of wearing lipstick, for fear of it smudging or fading. This is where long-lasting formulas are a life-saver. Apply once and let them last all day long.

On days where we want our lipstick to make a statement, we love going for pretty rose shades and soft reds.

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