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Why is the By Terry Baume de Rose so popular?

Why is the By Terry Baume de Rose so popular?
Team LF
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One of the brand's most loved products, the By Terry Baume de Rose is a true beauty icon. Created by its founder as a homage to the delicate wonders of a rose petal, the Baume de Rose has now become one of the industry's bestselling beauty gems.

The story of the Baume de Rose

Terry de Gunzburg is the brand's founder and brainchild behind the now iconic Baume de Rose. With the desire to create "a rose in a jar", she researched and delved into what she could use that would make it the best rose-infused beauty product on the market.

Terry discovered that when looked at very closely, the rose actually resembles the epidermis of the human skin. With a vascular system, wrinkles and a delicate structure, she set out to create a balm made with plant-based active ingredients that would nourish and protect, all while placing rose at the centre of her creation.

When she first launched the balm, 100 jars were put into their boutique which sold out in just 3 days. Today, the sell-out rate is even stronger thanks to a love from bloggers, celebrities, models and makeup artists all over the world.

What's in the Baume de Rose?

Terry wanted to create a formula so buttery, velvet and luxurious it would become near impossible to resist, so she set about searching for the very best ingredients.

She discovered a Siberian flower known as Pastel Oil, which withstands temperatures of -40 degrees and cold winds in the icy deserts. This resilience led it to become a hero ingredient in the Baume de Rose. Coupled with rose wax and flower oils, Terry created a unique rose butter that melted into the skin for a genuinely nourishing finish.

How do I use the Baume de Rose?

Due to its blend of plant-based actives, the balm is incredibly multipurpose and can be used for a number of different skin concerns.

  • Use on the lips to soothe and hydrate dehydrated areas.
  • Put on cuticles and massage in to soften hard skin.
  • Add shine to eyebrows by blending a small amount into the fine hairs.
  • Use on the top of cheekbones to add a natural shine and luminosity.
  • Use it on the eyelids to create the "glossed eye makeup look".
  • Use on dry elbows and knees before tanning to create a smooth and soft base.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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