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Transitional Skincare Routine

Transitional Skincare Routine
Team LF
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When going through the seasons, your skin can suffer from dryness, sensitivity, blemishes and irritation. This is because when the weather changes, your skin changes too, and as a result you need a transitional skincare routine to keep it healthy and glowing.

As the temperature drops from summer to autumn, and the wind can pick up, your skin needs a little extra nourishment and protection than it did in the warmer months.

Summer To Autumn Transitional Skincare Routine

SPF products still need to be used every day as your skin always needs protection against UV rays, but you might need to use creamier cleansers and serums to boost your hydration levels.

  • 1.Use A Sensitive Cleanser

    Use A Sensitive Cleanser
    4.22 Stars 9 Reviews
    When going through the seasons, your skin can suffer from sensitivity due to the drop in temperature and weather conditions. Using a sensitive cleanser will effectively remove all the makeup, dirt and oil form your skin without causing irritation or upsetting your skin's natural balance. The Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Lotion is made from a soap-free formula, and is also free from parabens and chemical nasties. It is enriched with Aloe Vera, which helps to soothe aggravated skin and leave it feeling fresh and revitalised.
  • 2.Don't Forget To Exfoliate

    Don't Forget To Exfoliate
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    When exfoliating from season to season, make sure to use gentle products that will effectively remove all your dead skin cells without causing any redness. Exfoliation is key to healthy skin however, as it will prevent cells from building up and clogging your complexion. The Aveda Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads are super gentle on the skin but work to rid it of blemishes, dry skin and prevent new breakouts. They are formulated with natural ingredients including Organic Lemon Tea Tree and Rose Geranium to provide antibacterial action on the skin.
  • 3.Use A Light Lotion

    Use A Light Lotion
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    The main mistake made when transitioning your skincare routine is using rich creams to combat dryness. While they will help restore hydration in the skin, they can also be too heavy and clog your pores. Instead, opt for a lightweight lotion that will still moisturise your skin without making it oily. The Monu Calming Cream is actually green in colour, which helps to cancel out redness and signs of irritation. It also contains Lavender and Arnica, which both have excellent healing properties, and leave your skin calmer and feeling soothed.
  • 4.Use A Radiance Face Mask

    Use A Radiance Face Mask
    4.85 Stars 26 Reviews
    What better way to think about welcoming autumn than with a face mask containing Pumpkin? The Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is brilliant at combatting dulling skin thanks to its blend of gentle acids that exfoliate the skin without causing irritation. Heavy face masks can clog your pores, so stick to ones that will reveal a glowing complexion instead.
  • 5.Don't Forget Your Eyes

    Don't Forget Your Eyes
    3.75 Stars 4 Reviews
    When going through a transitional skincare routine, your skin can feel tired and look dull. This can be a mixture of environmental changes, as well as the fact that you yourself can also feel exhausted. Using an eye cream will make sure you don't develop dark circles and fine lines, and will instead keep you looking refreshed. The Aurelia Skincare Eye Revitalising Duo contains a cooling metal ball applicator to use in the mornings when your eyes need a refreshing boost, while the cream is best used in the evenings to absorb properly and depuff your eyes.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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