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How to wash your hair less and keep it clean for longer

How to wash your hair less and keep it clean for longer
Team LF
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Whether you're heading to a festival or simply trying to train your hair to become less greasy, there's a few tricks and tips you can use to wash your hair less and keep it clean for longer.

Although everyone's hair type is different, and different scalps need different regimes, daily washing can lead to your hair being over-cleansed. Stripped of its natural oils, your hair can become greasy quicker and may even feel brittle.

Don't worry! In this article, we'll teach you how to train your hair to stay grease-free for longer. Keep reading if you want to learn the inside scoop and discover which ingredients to avoid, and which ones to look out for.

Cleanse with sulphate-free shampoo

Listed on the back of many traditional shampoos, sulphates are harsh ingredients, also used in detergent and engine degreasers. This ingredient can over-clean your hair, stripping the strands of their essential moisture. In reaction to this, your hair increases oil production to rebalance the scalp, leading to greasy hair.

Although some sulphate-free shampoos won't lather, plenty of them do. You may think the foam is what cleanses your hair, but that's not actually true! It was introduced to serve as a visual cue alongside the shampoo, but it doesn't actually make your hair cleaner. Besides, you can still find a sulphate-free shampoo that lathers if you feel like you need it.


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Double cleansing method

Double cleansing isn't just for your face! Hairdressers have been using this method since day dot, cleansing the hair once, rinsing, and then cleansing again. This ensures all of the impurities are lifted from the hair and scalp, leaving your locks truly purified. Also, the shampoo works into the hair better the second time around, getting to the dirt that may be more difficult to budge.

Wash your hair less, gradually

Now that you're using the correct products and method, let's talk about the regularity of your regime. First things first - don't rush it! Extend the days between hair washing slowly, to help your hair and natural oil levels get used to the change. There's no hard and fast rule, so see what works for your hair, working your way from every day, to every two days, to twice a week. As time goes on, you'll be able to wash your hair less and less.

Dry shampoo

If you feel like your hair is too greasy to leave the house, but you're trying to stay strict to your new haircare regime - dry shampoo will save the day. A lifesaver at a festival, or when you're in a rush, dry shampoo revitalises the hair while minimising the look of greasiness. Simply spray onto the hair from a distance, focusing on the roots. Then, brush it through and watch any whiteness disappear.

What's more, dry shampoo helps you to go longer without using shampoo. This will let you stick to your new hair wash routine for longer, so it really isn't cheating! Giving you more time between washes, the mist will help you to train your hair more effectively. Simply spritz the roots if you feel like you need a pick me up.

Give your locks a deep conditioning

Many people think that greasy hair doesn't need to be deep conditioned, as it's already oily enough - but this simply isn't true! Deep conditioning can help your hair get back on track, so don't be afraid of extra hydration if you want to wash your hair less.

Apple Cider Vinegar is famous for its ability to calm and rebalance scalps, so keep an eye out for any products that contain it. The ingredient is also great for anyone who experiences an itchy, dry or irritated scalp. Working to calm the inflammation, Apple Cider Vinegar can even help to clear up Dandruff, so it'll quickly become your new best friend.

Stop touching your hair!

We all know how tempting this can be, but try not to touch your hair. The regular contact between your warm fingertips and hair creates oil, leaving your hair looking greasy. Tieing up your hair more often is an easy fix, you're less likely to touch it and the style also helps you hair from getting greasy for longer. An up-do doesn't have to be boring; style your hair into an elegant and sleek looking appearance with the invisibobble Waver Set. In collaboration with British jewellery designer Rosie Fortescue, the stunning, embellished bow will transform your usual ponytail.


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