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What are the ingredient benefits of mint in haircare?

What are the ingredient benefits of mint in haircare?
Jess Maisey
Writer and expert4 months ago
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No longer just a refreshing addition to your favourite cooled drink, mint is the new soothing ingredient in beauty that offers a variety of benefits for your haircare routine.  

Other than its unique scent, mint in beauty is where freshness meets functionality, designed to invigorate and purify to help transform your tress-treating routine. Want to know more about how mint can benefit your strands? You’ve come to the right place – we get to the root of its lock-loving properties, with help from the experts from Hair Syrup, Redken and KLORANE. 

What are the benefits of mint in haircare?  

Shining the spotlight on haircare and scalp care, mint is a versatile player for promoting vibrant, healthy-looking hair. From cleansing and oil control to balancing and scalp health, discover how this savvy ingredient can help to resolve a wide variety of haircare concerns...  


1) Scalp Health 

Though haircare is often considered a primary concern, it’s crucial to start at the root and put scalp care at the forefront of our minds. We should think of the scalp as the very first step of our hair growth journey – but how can using mint on our scalp help to promote stronger, longer locks? 

Thamina Hodder, Education Consultant for Redken, tells us: “Mint can help to stimulate the scalp, promoting hair growth. It is also a great cleanser that can remove excess oil and build-up leaving the scalp feeling fresher.” 

She continues: “It is important to establish the condition of both the hair and scalp before you select your shampoo.” One of our favourite formulas for keeping strands in mint condition? We love the Redken Amino Mint Scalp Cleansing Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Oily Scalps, as the revitalising shampoo works in tandem to encourage stronger, healthier-looking strands while working to refresh the scalp. 

Lucie Macleod, Founder of Hair Syrup, confirms: “[Mint] has also been shown to be effective in helping to reduce uncomfortable symptoms [...] such as [...] sensitivity of the scalp and more.”  


2) Hair Growth 

With ‘00s fashion and beauty trends emerging in full force, long locks are rapidly becoming a popular haircare goal for 2024 and mint is becoming a spotlight ingredient, but will it be the next trending staple for promoting hair growth? Lucie confirms: “Mint has been studied and shown to promote an increased number of follicles, follicle depth and overall hair growth.”   

KLORANE supportsthis as Melanie Black, Training and Scientific Communications Manager, notifies: “Mint is known to be a stimulant and has shown some interesting results with rejuvenation and helping to encourage blood flow in the scalp. By increasing blood flow, it is suggested that it helps to give the hair what it needs for good growth and strength.”  

Lucie’s insider secret on how to bag the mane of your dreams? “If you're using mint to grow longer fuller hair as well as combat dandruff, massage the mint oil into your scalp using a shampoo brush for at least 5 minutes - this encourages blood flow and also eradicates dirt, build-up and dead skin.” 


3) Detoxifying & Purifying Benefits 

We know mint is an organic and natural plant – but how does this benefit our locks? Lucie tells us: “Mint is an incredible natural detoxifying and purifying ingredient for your hair – and it is particularly good for your scalp. When using mint-infused haircare, you can expect a cooled, soothed, refreshed and detoxed scalp.”  

For the best visible results, we recommend using a full mint haircare routine – such as following your mint shampoo with a reviving mint conditioner to encourage deeper repair and stimulation.  

Nonetheless, KLORANE’s Melanie, assures: “Due to its properties, mint-based products are fantastic at helping to detox your scalp and hair, removing impurities and purifying without stripping the scalp – especially if you live in a city and pollution is something that you are concerned with!”   


4) Soothes Flakes & Sensitivity 

Scalp prone to sensitivity and flaking? Mint might just be your new haircare BFF! But first – what causes a flaky scalp? 

Melanie Black tells us: “Flakes and dandruff are caused by many things including an oily scalp. There is also a yeast that lives on the scalp called Malassezia that can cause dandruff.” 

Not only this, but mint can also help to minimise discomfort by cleansing the scalp, as Redken’s expert Thamina reveals: “Mint can cleanse away build-up which [may be] causing the itching, then cool and relax the scalp afterwards.” 

Melanie continues, “[Mint] is suitable for all hair types, but just be mindful if you have a very sensitive scalp, as the cooling sensation might be a little too much to take! However, this can also be soothing too, and some people love this cooling sensation – even with a sensitive scalp.”   

What are the top tips for incorporating mint in our haircare regimes? 

Sometimes, we either fall into old habits or can’t let go of that one trusty haircare product – but new hair goals mean committing to new regimes! Take note as the hair growth experts reveal their top tips for incorporating this natural ingredient into your routine...1. All about the pre-wash

“The best way to benefit from mint is to use it as part of your pre-wash routine. You want to ensure you're giving it enough time to work into the scalp and deliver the desired relief,” says Lucie. 

2. Marinate in mint“[Ensure] the scalp is coated in product and massaged in, leave to marinate and then wash out thoroughly.”3. Don’t forget – double cleanse!

“[You should] double cleanse when using a mint shampoo to ensure the hair is fully clean and treated. Depending on your hair type, [we recommend] incorporating mint once to twice a week into your regime.” 

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Writer and expert
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