Benefit Mascara: Roller Lash vs They’re Real!

Benefit Mascara: Roller Lash vs They’re Real!

So you will have all heard about the fabulous ‘Roller Lash by now…its Benefit’s biggest launch since their ‘They’re Real! mascara and everyone is talking about it. So what’s the difference between these two Benefit superstars and what is it that makes them so popular? We’re putting the brand new Roller Lash and the UK’s No.1 Bestselling mascara, They’re Real! head to head to see which one comes out on top.

Round 1 – The Wand

It’s the age old battle; curvy vs straight.

Roller Lash – if you’re fed up of your eyelash curlers, or scared of getting your eye lids caught in them (c’mon, everyone’s done it at least once) then this is new mascara is the perfect solution for you. Its dainty pink wand is patented with a 30 degree curve, so you can curl your lashes in just a couple of swoops.

They’re Real! the classic is all about Volume. This exclusive brush is designed to maximize the length of your lashes in two ways: by staggering the bristles so that they can grab your lashes from the root, and by using a custom-domed tip lift to define and curl even the tiniest little lashes.

Round 2 – The Formula

Roller Lash – a thinner consistency containing Provitamin B5 and Serin, this new mascara is not only gentle on your lashes, but conditions them too!

They’re Real! a jet black, glossy formula that attaches itself to the smallest lashes and guarantees to add volume to your lashes.

Round 3 – The Packaging

Roller Lash sweet, vintage and colourful – this packaging is a breath of fresh air from the dark packaging we normally see for mascara.

They’re Real! – a little more robust, this packaging means business, perfect to throw in your bag on a night out!

Round 4 – The Price

£19.50 vs £19.50. That was an easy one!

Round 5 – How do you apply it?

Roller Lash – first make sure the wand has the curve at the bottom and glide it along the top of your lashes. Next turn the wand upside down, so the curve is now on the topside. Push the wand up the length of your lashes and repeat a couple of times for long, lengthy elegant curls!

They’re Real! – use the wand horizontally and wiggle from side to side from the base up to the tip. Next, hold it vertically to separate any eyelashes and curl upwards for extra volume.

Round 6 – The Lashes

Roller Lash – Super long, curly lashes which are incredibly pretty and flirty.

They’re Real! – Big, bold lashes that have amazing volume.

Round 7 – Durablility

Roller Lash – here in the office we’ve all tried this new launch, and we can safely say it lasted all day at work and only needed a quick top off for our cheeky Friday night glass of vino in the nearby bar!

They’re Real! – this mascara has staying power like no other. It’s great for those spontaneous long nights out!

Round 8 – How easy is it to remove?

Roller Lash – being a slightly thinner consistency, Roller Lash is easy to remove with your usual cleanser or make up remover. We do love Benefit’s b.right Remove It, which is oil-free and removes all your makeup without any fighting!

They’re Real! this mascara is ridiculously long wearing so it does take a little more effort to remove it. Luckily, Benefit have released a remover especially for the They’re Real range, with a balm-like cream formula that is kind to your eyes, but removes every last bit of makeup.

The Verdict

It seems to us here at Lookfantastic HQ, that both mascaras have their differences, but neither are better nor worse than the other.

The Roller Lash is fantastic for pretty, dainty and curly eyelashes and great for everyday use, or a weekend away with the girls.

The They’re Real! range is the best option for a night out, with durability and volume, there’s no surprise it’s been the No.1 Best Selling Mascara in the UK.

With the Roller Lash now in town, They’re Real could have a fight on its hands for this award second time round, either way it’s a win for Benefit, brava girls! 

Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson

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