Beauty in Wonderland: The Making of The Queen of Hearts

Beauty in Wonderland: The Making of The Queen of Hearts

The stunning Chloe Lewis is the centre of attention in our Beauty in Wonderland Christmas Ad, thanks to her stunningly good looks and sassy behaviour.

We have listed the products that were used to create the look, which you can all find on lookfantastic.

Beauty in Wonderland: The Queen of Hearts

Created with MAC, Show Beauty and ghd, discover what we used to transform Chloe into the seductive Queen of Hearts…


A luxurious blend of products were used to create the beautiful Queen of Hearts look.


All the below products were used to transform Chloe into our the seductive Queen of Hearts, ready to stop anyone in their tracks…

Makeup Top Tips

  1. Use a darker shade of the MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick than your natural skin tone to contour for a stunning effect.
  2. If you like the appearance of beauty spots, draw one on with an eye liner or eyebrow pencil. Chloe’s shade was Coffee.
  3. Add in individual lashes to make your eyes pop – MAC Makeup Artists uses No 30 Lashes on Chloe.



Skincare Specialist

I am a big believer in the idea that beautiful Make Up begins with a superb skincare regime. I like to enhance my natural beauty rather than cover up and I am always on the lookout for great products which really work. When I am not writing about all things beauty, I like to do Yoga and I make an amazing brownie. It is all about balance!