Beauty Q&A: May Hamid

Beauty Q&A: May Hamid

May Hamid, founder and owner of Argan Liquid Gold sat down with Lookfantastic to do an exclusive interview. We asked her all about the wonder ingredient, Argan Oil, which features in all of her products, and what it can do to transform your skin.

Argan Liquid Gold has grown from strength to strength, and their Restorative Night Cream was shortlisted in the Beauty Awards 2015 in the Best New Skincare Product Category. You can read more about the brand and the wonderful work they do on the blog too.

An Exclusive Q&A With May Hamid

Discover all about the Argan Liquid Gold brand as well as some skincare tips from May herself…

May Hamid

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Question: Some people can find Argan Oil to be too heavy for their skin type. Are they any tips you have on how to incorporate it into your skincare routine without breaking out?

The beauty of Argan oil is that it naturally soaks into the skin. The phobia about oil being heavy on the skin comes from other oils but not Argan.

Replacing your daily moisturiser with Argan oil is the way forward. I advise people to use Argan oil morning and evening after cleansing. This provides day and night nourishment for the skin, which encourages new cell growth and fights signs of aging around the clock.

Question: What are some of the most important nutrients found in Argan Oil that are beneficial for the skin?

Magical ingredients are found in Argan Oil! To give you a little idea, once Squalane is absorbed into the skin, it is working overtime to improve the health of your skin. It is an antioxidant, prevents UV damage and the formation of age spots, promotes cell growth and is an antibacterial ingredient.

Argan Oil contains Phytosterols and Phenolic, which recent tests have proven can provide anti-aging benefits to the skin by encouraged new collagen production.

In a nut shell, these natural components of Argan are miraculous for the skin, encouraging healthy skin, slowing down the aging process and encouraging new cell growth.

Question: What is your favourite product in the range?

My favourite product in the range has to be Nature’s Luxury Beauty Oil. Although the other products in the range have been formulated with groundbreaking ingredients and some amazing science involved, without the Argan Oil, these would not have been possible.

It is pure, natural and full of benefits. It is nature’s way of nourishing our skin and hair and the results are truly amazing.

Question: How is Argan Liquid Gold helping women in Morocco to start their own co-operatives and business?

We have chosen to source our oil from ethical producers that employ local women. We have also been able to achieve FairTrade certification as we have chosen to work with producers and farmers that share our ethical values. Being the only UK company to be licensed for FairTrade comes with great pride and responsibility and we celebrate this achievement through encouraging more trade with these selected few co-operatives.

These co-operative are owned and run by women who according to local tradition do not normally work. They have been designed to create a safe working environment for women, paying them fairly for their labour.

This is not only helping them financially, but allows them to build friendships, create opportunities for themselves and pay for the education of their children.

These women are then encouraged to start their own co-operatives employing more women and creating more prosperity in an otherwise deprived location.

Argan Liquid Gold takes great pride in the fact that we are a part of this life changing process for so many poor and underprivileged women and families.

Question: What is your current skincare routine?

As a busy mother of five, I know all about a busy schedule, and finding the time to look after yourself is always a challenge.

I start my day by replacing the old daily moisturiser with Argan Oil. You will be amazed how quickly it absorbs into the skin and leaves you looking healthy and fresh.

Before going to bed, I use Argan Liquid Gold’s 2 in 1 Cleanser, to help remove all the impurities from the day and environment, leaving my skin refreshed and clean.

I finish off with a quick application of Argan Liquid Gold’s Restorative Night Cream, which helps repair my skin while I sleep.

Question: Are you planning to expand your product collection?

Yes, we have plans to expand the brand, incorporating a further range of products. We are in talks with our formulators to help create more innovative products that help enhance beauty and nourish the skin. Watch this space!

Question: What do you do to relax after your long work trips?

My trips abroad are full of challenges and hard work. In the Mediterranean heat, high up in the rocky mountains, ensuring my oil is pure from the start to the end of the process can take its toll on me and my team. Luckily, Morocco is a beautiful place and I always try to end the day with a luxury Argan massage in the local hamam, ideally somewhere close to a beach.

I find this to be a lovely way to unwind while in Morocco as relaxing when back in the UK is not really something I can do, with my ever expanding brand and five demanding children!


Question: The Argan Liquid Gold BB Cream comes in one universal shade. How does this adapt to different skin tones?

Our Multi-Tone BB Cream has been cleverly formulated to adapt to all skin tones. This is truly groundbreaking and I don’t think there is anything like it  on the market.

It is a really clever product and has been developed using a range of pigments allowing it to blend in with all skin tones. From pale skin tones to darker colours, it has the ability to blend and leave you with a flawless look no matter what shade of skin you have.


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