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Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox: the ultimate hair saviour

Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox: the ultimate hair saviour
Team LF
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Our hair goes through a lot each day. Continuous styling, layers of product and oil production can leave our scalps overworked, making our hair lack-lustre and difficult to style.

Although frequent shampooing can help to lift away dirt and impurities in our hair, it often falls short of the thorough cleanse your scalp truly needs. A deep scalp detox is truly the secret to beautifully chic, cool-girl hair.

Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox

The Scalp Detox from Bumble and bumble has been specially designed to help to revive and detox your roots. Perfect for those who enjoy styling their hair and are guilty of an all too frequent use of dry shampoo, Scalp Detox deeply cleanses your roots, improving the overall look and feel of your hair.

The innovative cool, crackling micro-bubble formula fizzes on the scalp, instantly removing product buildup, oil and impurities on your scalp leaving your hair and skin refreshed and rebalanced.

Silky and lightweight, the Scalp Detox smooths into your hair effortlessly and starts working instantly. Enriched with Micellar Water, Salicylic Acid and a nourishing blend of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox renews and cleanses without stripping your your hair or the delicate skin on your scalp.

The inclusion of Micellar Water ensures the formula is gentle on your scalp, soothing any irritation for a completely fresh and clean feel. Whether you suffer from dry hair, excess oils or temperamental locks, Scalp Detox will deeply cleanse your scalp and leave your hair perfectly prepped for styling.

How do I use the Bumble and bumble Scalp Detox?

Designed especially to give your hair a deep cleanse, Scalp Detox is the perfect treatment to incorporate into your haircare routine once a week.

After a week of product overload, simply shake the bottle and apply to the roots of your hair in sections, spraying the fizzing formula directly onto your scalp. Let the Scalp Detox sit and tingle on your scalp for three minutes and massage in.

Follow up with your favourite Bumble and bumble shampoo and rinse and condition as normal. Hair will be left refreshed and revived, ready for another week of styling and product.

Ultra-clean hair with Bumble and bumble

Bumble and bumble understand the importance of giving your hair a thorough deep cleanse at least once a week to remove a buildup of product and impurities.

If your hair is in need of a real detox, follow your Scalp Detox with the cult-favourite Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo. Enriched with Ginseng, Rosemary and Sage, Sunday Shampoo is perfect for those who use a great deal of prooduct in their hair as it gently removes all traces of product and impurities for ultra-clean, refreshed hair.

Using Scalp Detox and Sunday Shampoo in unison will revive your hair, removing dirt and oils which weigh down the hair making it dull and lifeless. Your locks will be left clean, shiny and healthy.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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