GlAMGLOW are well known for their beautifying mud mask treatments, and the new GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD is the perfect mask if you are after a little lift.

Pollution, ageing and stress can leave our complexions looking less than stellar, with sallowness, sagging and loss of elasticity the most common concerns. The new GRAVITYMUD Mask combats this by improving the firmness and texture of your skin.


The GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD is a unique treatment designed to offer a visible face lift to the complexion using a blend of targeted and powerful anti ageing ingredients.

  • Canadian Colloidal Clay contains a wealth of minerals, which work to keep the skin healthy. Included in the mix is mainly Aluminium, Iron, Silicon, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium, which are all essential building blocks of healthy skin cells. By keeping your skin well fed and hydrated with the necessary nutrients, you will find your complexions appears more plumped up, glowing and lifted.
  • TEAOXI™ Marshmallow is another hero ingredient in the GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD Mask. As a super conditioning and hydrating ingredient, it helps to keep the cells healthy and working to their best ability. We all know that happy cells equal healthy cells.

Which GLAMGLOW Mask is Silver?

The GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD Mask changes colour from a white to a silver once dried onto the skin. The unique iridescent chrome finish might leave you looking a little out of this world, but the results are worth it. Boasting a renewed complexion and refined finish, this new addition to the GLAMGLOW family is set to be a surefire winner for any skincare enthusiast.



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