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Q&A with a Dermalogica Therapist

Q&A with a Dermalogica Therapist
Team LF
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When it comes to skincare, no one knows it better than the experts at Dermalogica.

We sat down with Education Executive and Therapist Victoria Schofield to talk about what we should be focussing on coming into the New Year so we can give our complexions the best (and healthiest) start possible. Here's what she had to say...

10 minutes to talk all things skincare with Dermalogica

What one thing should we be doing to kick-start our NY skincare routine?
Ensure you have a good daily regimen and stick to it! Consistency is key to great skin. The Dermalogica essential regimen steps are; 1. Double Cleanse starting with an oil based formula 2. Exfoliate either daily with something gentle or weekly with stronger formulas 3. Tone with a mist to hydrate and replenish 4. Moisturise with SPF for the daytime
What is hangover skin? And what is your top tip for healing it?
Skin that is dehydrated, showing the effects of toxins from alcohol consumption and lack of quality sleep. Start by re-hydrating the body with water and a Vitamin C supplement. If you still have remnants of last night’s party make-up, do a thorough double cleanse with a nourishing oil or balm, follow with a detoxing exfoliator with the power of charcoal to adsorb toxins from the pores and slather on a generous layer of a vitamin enriched masque to repair and regenerate. Then back to bed if possible! My hangover skin cures are PreCleanse Balm, Daily Superfoliant and MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque.
Should we be doing a “skin-tox” in January?
That depends on how toxic your December was! Many of us over indulge on food and alcohol over the festive season so chances are our skin is not looking its best in January. The new year is as good as time as any to commit to getting skin fit!
Hero ingredient for January?
Activated Binchotan Charcoal. Known as the best quality charcoal for purifying and absorbing chemicals. A great skin care addition to deep cleanse and detoxify for healthy skin. Found in Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant and Charcoal Rescue Masque.
How can you reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles?
Get enough sleep! If only! With so much to accomplish, do and see, the lack of sleep, fatigue and stress levels we experience today show in our eyes. Along with quality sleep and stress management (try daily meditation to keep balanced) ensure you drink enough water and eat well. Other than that, invest in a good eye treatment. Dermalogica’s Stress Positive Eye Lift tackles puffiness and dark circles with Arctic Algae and Wild Indigo Seed. It’s super hydrating and the cooling applicator head can be used to massage the eyes to de-puff and energise. Pro tip! When using eye creams, only use the size of a grain of rice shared between both eyes. Follow the eye socket bone and don’t go too close to the lashes. Too much, too close can result in puffy irritated eyes.
How do you tackle blemishes and really dry skin at the same time?
Use cleansers and moisturisers for the overall skin condition. If skin is dry, then opt for light hydrating formulas that won’t clog the pores. Then introduce one or two targeted acne products for the breakout areas. Use a system for adult acne that focuses on reducing inflammation and increasing hydration and repair along with fighting bacteria. Teen lines tend to be too drying for adult skin. Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing system is designed specifically for adult acne.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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