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Can you manifest better skin? Our beauty writer put the law of attraction to the test…

Can you manifest better skin? Our beauty writer put the law of attraction to the test…
Holly James
Beauty Writer2 years ago
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If you've been anywhere near social media over the past few months, no doubt you've heard of manifesting. From finding a new job to falling in love, many are claiming they have manifesting to thank for achieving their dream lives.

Sound too good to be true? We not only got the step-by-step from the experts on exactly how to manifest your dreams but put the practise to the test to see if manifestation can be used to achieve better skin.


What is manifesting?

Based on the Law of Attraction, one of the seven laws of the universe, "it is the belief that like attracts like and that what we put out in the Universe will come back to us" explains Emma Mumford (@iamemmamumford), UK leading Law of Attraction expert, award-winning life coach and bestselling author. "Essentially, we are always creating our reality both positive and negative. Manifestation means that you can attract anything to you, including desires, goals, feelings and emotions" says Emma. 

What can manifesting be used for?

"Manifestation can be used in any area of your life" says Juliette Kristine (@juliette_kristine), Manifestation Coach and Intuitive Healer. "Whether you desire to create changes to your physical appearance like your skin, or to fulfil your life's purpose, manifestation can be used to create positive changes in any area of life. It’s an incredibly beneficial tool to have because it makes you the creator of your own reality".

Who can use manifesting?

Good news, manifesting and the law of attraction can be used by anyone with the correct technique and belief in what they want. "Manifestation is not limited to people who are ‘spiritual’, it can be used by anyone, at any age. In fact, people are manifesting all the time and they don’t even realise it!" points out Juliette.

How to manifest what you want in 3 steps

Step 1: Be clear on what you want 

Both Juliette and Emma agree that the first step in manifesting your goal is to decide what it is you want. "You need to start focusing on the results that you desire rather than ‘the problem’ you are experiencing" explains Juliette. "Get clear on what you’d like to achieve and then write it down, say it out loud or visualise yourself with your desired goal. You only need to ask once!" says Emma. Juliette also suggests creating a vision board to help with the process of visualising your goal: "try choosing images that look like you, this way you feel like it is you when you look at it and this will help you to alter your vibration more easily" she adds.

Step 2: Believe

"The second step is to align your energy" according to Juliette. "This involves making sure that your thoughts and beliefs line up with what you want to create. When you start to align your thoughts with what’s represented on your vision board, you will start changing the way you feel, and this will start shifting your reality" she adds. Both experts strongly recommend using affirmations daily to reinforce your beliefs. Examples of this include "My skin is acne free" if your goal is to clear your complexion or "my skin is happy, healthy and nurtured". Juliette stresses that you need to use affirmations that feel believable to you to make sure that you're creating the right feelings for your manifesting to work.

Step 3: Align your actions

"Manifestation is a co-creation process so you need to meet the Universe halfway and take inspired action in whatever way feels good to you to put yourself in the field of opportunity" explains Emma. In order to help the process, she says you must "take inspired action where necessary, maybe that’s working with someone that can help the underlying issue with your skin or maybe it’s supporting great skin by eating healthier and drinking more water".


Reasons why manifestation may be unsuccessful

"There could be many reasons blocking someone from receiving their desire of good skin, it could even come down to belief and their relationship with themselves" points out Emma. 

Other reasons include:

Narrow mindedness "This is when someone believes there is only ‘one way’ to improve their skin so they block themselves from receiving other solutions. For example, believing that the only option is working on your diet, when in fact there could be a skin cream out there that is perfect for you! You need to stay OPEN to different solutions when you’re manifesting" explains Juliette.Being too attached  

"Being in an energy of ‘need’ or attachment around your desire is another reason someone could be unsuccessful. This is because you cannot be in need of something and have it show up in your experience, for that very need actually creates a sense of lack within you which pushes what you want away from you" says Juliette. She suggests focusing on manifesting in multiple areas of your life at the same time to remain in a more allowing state and avoid becoming too attached to one. "The big secret to manifesting is being able to detach from the outcome and feel peace and joy here and now" adds Emma.


How long does manifestation take?

"This varies from person to person, depending on their individual vibration, and how quickly they can align themselves with what they want and take action in the ways they’re being guided" says Juliette. Her advice is "the sooner you get started with your manifestation practice, the sooner you can start seeing results".  

Both experts agree that if you don’t see results after consistently manifesting over a prolonged period of time, seek professional advice. 

I tried manifesting for better skin and these were the results...

Left taken before manifesting, right taken 5 months after.



My anti-blemish skincare heroes:
Having been raised in a very scientific household and having struggled with acne for over 5 years trying various medications and treatments and getting nowhere, I was originally sceptical when I first heard of manifestation. However, after reading up on the subject and hearing the success of both people on social media and my own friends, I was keen to give it a go and ditch the endless and expensive treatments once and for all.

Following the instructions as listed by the experts, I started by setting my goal and making it clear what I wanted; clear skin! I looked at pictures of times when my skin was looking it's best to envision this and focused on the healthier looking parts of my complexion to give myself a clear picture of what I wanted and that it could be achieved.

Though I will admit I had dips in my belief along the way, I did start to believe that my skin would get better and that my goal was achievable. Having been told before that my skin problems could be a result of stress and anxiety, I was confident that with the right actions, the process could work for me. I aligned my actions with this, not only working on mindfulness and relaxation, but also creating a consistent, targeted skincare routine which I stuck to, resisting the urge to try any new products that came my way at work. I stopped using harsh, quick-fix products that were more damaging to my skin than beneficial and started focusing on a nourishing and hydrating routine that would care for my skin as well as using affirmations such as ‘my skin is looking clearer’ and ‘I don’t have blemish-prone skin anymore’.

After around two months or so of this process, my blemishes started to reduce and I was getting less new spots, even around my period when they would usually flare up. I definitely still get the odd spot and have some blocked pores that I will continue manifesting to clear but overall I would say that the process of positive thinking has definitely help me a lot. The process helped me worry less about my skin, which I believe helped with achieving my goal of making it clearer. It also helped me put a consistent and proper routine in place with my skincare which definitely helped calm irritation and balance my complexion.
Holly James
Beauty Writer
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Working with brands at LOOKFANTASTIC for over two years I have developed my knowledge of all things beauty from key skincare concerns to niche makeup tricks and haircare hacks. I have a major passion for finding effective solutions that are easily accessible to everyone so that we can all achieve our best, glowing complexion.