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Iconic Innovation: Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil

Iconic Innovation: Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil
Team LF
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Not all beauty icons were born in the 20th century; some were developed much later on, yet thanks to their innovative formulations have established themselves as future icons. Leading the way in iconic haircare is Grow Gorgeous, a brand dedicated to scientific research and tangible evidence to give you gorgeously healthy and shiny locks...

Your hair is the crown you never take off - Grow Gorgeous

The Grow Gorgeous Story

Grow Gorgeous is about caring for hair inside and out. They focus on the root of the cause to truly help you achieve healthy, lustrous hair, and this always begins with growth.

The Grow Gorgeous brand is built on a strong foundation of science and innovation. Not only do they know which ingredients work for your hair but they understand how and what effects they can have on your precious locks. Through their expertise, they have the products and the knowledge to help the many millions of women achieve the hair they’ve always dreamed of.

The Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil

The Strengthening Oil is a future icon thanks to its unique blend of ingredients and scientific innovation. We don't realise day to day, but the environment, our diet and the wrong use of products can all have a profound effect on our hair. While we remember to shampoo, condition and even treat our hair, we can often forget to give it that final boost of strength and protection, which is where Grow Gorgeous come in...

The Strengthening Oil can help to boost your hair's natural shine by 90% in just 2 applications

Blended with plant actives and omega-rich seeds and nuts, the Strengthening Oil will not only help to give you shinier hair, but healthier hair too.

Core Ingredients

  • Amino-Acid Isolate - Derived from peas, this amino acid helps to encourage healthy hair growth and improve its overall condition and strength.
  • Beetroot Bio-Extract - Luckily this extract is colourless, meaning it won't turn your head a bright shade of purple! It is however a source of strong antioxidant power that helps to protect your tresses against environmental pollution and damage.
  • Cartenoids - You may not realise that UV rays can have an effect on your hair, but they can in fact make your locks look dull and dry. While the traditional opinion has been to put lemon juice on your hair in the sun to make it brighter, the long-term effects will mean your hair in fact becomes duller. Cartenoids help to absorb damaging UV rays to avoid them affecting your hair, so your natural (or highlighted!) colour looks more vibrant for longer.
  • Amazonian Oils - These help to nourish your hair by infusing it with hydration and moisture to leave it looking shiny, healthy and full of vitality.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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