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In the Spotlight: Ollie Locke

In the Spotlight: Ollie Locke
Team LF
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Hailing from Southampton, Ollie Locke is a 29 year old television personality, writer and presenter who broke on to our screens starring in BAFTA award winning TV show Made in Chelsea.

Known for his charm, humour and of course his impeccable style and grooming, Ollie has always been a fan of professional hair styling products. We were lucky enough to catch up with Ollie to discuss what it is that makes him feel in the spotlight and what product he uses to give him a boost of confidence...

My spotlight saviour makes me feel happy - Ollie Locke

Beauty In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight With Ollie Locke

  1. What does being in the spotlight mean to you? Being in the spotlight for me is being on television, however when the cameras stop rolling is when I really get into the spotlight...
  2. What is your spotlight saviour? The American Crew Defining Paste so I can feel fully groomed.
  3. Why is it your spotlight saviour? The reason behind my long hair was because I had really big ears, and I was actually hiding something. My spotlight saviour gives me the confidence to wear my shorter hair with pride. Men's confidence is just as important as women's.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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