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Lancer Method: The 3 Step Skincare Routine

Lancer Method: The 3 Step Skincare Routine
Team LF
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Dr. Harold Lancer is one of the world’s leading dermatologists. With an extensive celebrity client list (Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham to name just a few), the Lancer Method skincare routine has become one of the must trusted and revered in Hollywood.

Dr. Harold Lancer's Rodeo Drive office is one of the busiest in the beauty industry and has countless famous clientele arriving for treatments on a daily basis. While we may not be able to visit Dr. Lancer, we can invest in his skincare products and follow his trusted Method at home to achieve a radiant and flawless complexion.

The Lancer Method

Dr. Lancer advocates a simple, three step skincare regime, the Lancer Method.  It has some twists to a traditional skincare regime, using innovative methods and cutting-edge ingredients.

The first big difference to a normal routine is that Dr. Lancer suggests the first step in your regime should be exfoliating using the Polish. The second is that you should apply it to a dry face, not wet. Dr. Harold Lancer advocates using the Polish on skin which is damp at the very most, and using it before removing face make up. You then use the Cleanser to wash away both your make up and dirt as well as  dead skin cells. Finally, apply the Nourish to seal in moisture.

The exfoliator, cleanser and moisturiser are all specially formulated to get the best results and work best in conjunction with each other. The Polish carefully disrupts the outer skin cells to encourage the absorption and efficacy of the rest of the routine. The Cleanser helps to balance the PH of the skin and the Nourish helps give you that famous Lancer Glow thanks to its hydrating properties.

Using all three together is what Dr. Harold Lancer advocates for every single one of his dermatology clients and now there is the chance for you to get the glow at home with our bundles of all three Lancer Method skincare products. There is one for every skin type, specially formulated to help your skin glow.

The Method Bundles

Dr. Lancer also has some great tips on achieving optimal skin health by making small changes to your lifestyle.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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