Beauty And Brains With Sarah Chapman

Beauty And Brains With Sarah Chapman

We were lucky enough to catch up with Sarah Chapman, celebrity facialist and all-round skincare guru. Her signature facials are loved by stars all over the world, and once you see Sarah, you’ll understand why. Her skin is flawless and her complexion (literally) glows!

Sarah is on hand to share with you some of her expert tips and beauty secrets that make her one of the most sought after facialists in the world…

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The Sarah Chapman Approach To Beauty

Question: You are one of the world’s top facialists and adored by a host of celebrity fans. How did you start off in the industry and what led you to begin the Sarah Chapman brand?

I started as a make-up artist. I loved it and it led me into the whole world of beauty. It was my first experience with other people’s skin, and my insight into models’ troubled skin’s on photo-shoots led me to further study skincare and beauty.

During my years of study I trained in beauty, aromatherapy, hairdressing, make-up artistry and cosmetic science. This was all the foundation to my career in beauty.

I moved into spas and health club management and then worked with skincare companies in sales, business development and training.

My private facial business started when a good friend emigrated to Australia and I looked after a few of her clients. Facials then grew into product obsession and I trained in cosmetic science before developing my own Skinesis range.

Question: What has been the highlight of your career?

I am so lucky to do something that I really love and to have had so many high points along the way.

Winning awards, seeing my product on shelves for the first time, meeting and treating some of the world’s most famous women and most recently the launch of my first standalone, flagship store and beautiful Skinesis Clinic.

Question: What sets your products apart from other skincare brands?

My mission was to create a truly innovative skincare range that delivers beautifully healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

Designed to target the real skincare problems I see everyday in my clinic, I have used high potency ingredients like Vitamin A, Peptides, Stem Cells and Renovage to achieve dramatic results both on a cellular and surface level.

My own extensive skin expertise means I can combine the latest scientific advances with cutting edge ingredients to deliver targeted products that are a synergistic mix of science, technology and luxury.

Question: What is the hero product in your collection and why?

I love all of my Skinesis products, but my Overnight Facial is completely addictive and an essential part of my skincare regime.

It truly captures the essence of my firming and brightening skin rejuvenating facials, combining powerful cosmeceutical actives in a botanical oil delivery system for powerful and proven results. In fact, some new research has shown that 87% of people see an improvement in their skin’s firmness after use.

Question: Does it matter how a product is applied to the skin as to how it performs?

Massage is an essential part of my treatment philosophy, be it at home or in the clinic. Fantastic for stimulating your skin, massage boosts the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients into skin cells while draining toxins from the lymph nodes to de-puff and prevent the blockages which can cause congestion and breakouts.

Try combining some simple massage techniques with your cleanser, either with your hands or a facial massager. You’ll be amazed how healthy and radiant your skin will look after just a couple of minutes.

Question: Can you describe the ideal technique to applying a cleanser, serum and moisturiser?

Cleansing the skin is hugely important in order to encourage and maintain its healthy function. It’s a step in our daily routine that is highly under-estimated.

It removes dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt and pollution, and increases blood flow to the surface in order to promote cellular renewal and provide the perfect base upon which to apply your serums and moisturisers, ensuring maximum absorption.

The best way to cleanse your skin is to smooth your cleanser evenly over the face, then using firm pressure with your fingertips and knuckles, massage the product with vigour, spending a good minute or two to really increase blood flow to the skin. Try to work from inner to outer face to stimulate lymph node drainage.

Always apply your serums and moisturisers from forehead to below the bust and round the back of the neck and ears – this should all be considered as part of the face, these are the areas our faces start to sag from so applying anti-ageing products here can help slow the effects of sagging.

You can cocktail your serum and moisturiser together if you are short on time, however, best practise is allowing the serum to sink in, focusing on applying to your problem areas first and smoothing all over the face from the centre out, then following with your day cream in the same way.

My award winning combination of Age-Repair Serum and Dynamic Defence are ideal for use together, targeting multiple issues on the skin from dehydration to brightening, firming and signs of ageing.

Ideally you should use a serum and moisturiser morning and night, ensuring that your day cream has a minimum SPF 15 to avoid the damaging and ageing effects of UV rays. The formulations you use at night should always be targeted towards repair to work in harmony with the skin’s own renewal process.

Question: Changing seasons can cause skin problems; should you overhaul your routine completely or add in certain products to help combat the problem?

Your core skincare should remain the same but you might find you want to adapt your routine seasonally. As we head now into autumn, your sunny summer glow starts to fade, revealing patchy uneven skin tone.

Focus on exfoliating and removing all the dehydrated dead tanned cells. My Daily Resurfacing works well to gradually lift off this ageing summer skin – sweep it over every day post cleansing.

Cooler, drier weather can also lead to skin dehydration so counteract this with hyaluronic based serums like my Intense Hydrating Booster. You can also use the Overnight Facial every night to restore lipids and feed skin with a potent cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, skin plumpers and brighteners.

Question: Are there any emerging skincare trends or ingredients that you are interested by?

Stem cell technology has really evolved in the world of skincare where revolutionary treatments protect the longevity of skin cells, delay ageing of essential cells, preserve the youthful look and vitality of the skin, and promote the skin’s ability to regenerate.

I am constantly on the search to find new actives that work on Telomeres in the skin to delay cell senescence.

Question: What is your favourite beauty secret that you swear by?

Vitamin A! This fantastic age-defying ingredient can be found in many of my products and I would recommend its regular use to anyone concerned with signs of ageing or looking to improve the appearance of their skin in general.

Vitamin A, also known as Retin A (acid form), Retinyl Palmitate (lipid oils soluble form) and Retinol (alcohol form) is all converted to Retinoic Acid which works in the cell to deliver anti-ageing, repairing results.

Vitamin A is also proven to prevent and reverse photo-ageing and promote skin healing. Used regularly it will smooth skin, stimulate collagen, even out pigment, control breakouts and improve skin texture whilst supporting cell function and repairing DNA damage. I never leave home without it.



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