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Revolutionise Your Routine With Pixi Skintreats

Revolutionise Your Routine With Pixi Skintreats
Team LF
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Pixi are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to beauty. Whenever they launch a new collection, they have us lusting over not one, but each and every product, which is no easy feat. Their ethical and rigid approach to skincare and makeup has led them to become one of the most coveted brands loved by professionals and celebrities worldwide, including the fabulous Caroline Hirons.

Now unless you've been in hibernation, you'll know that Caroline has teamed up with Pixi to create a brand new cleanser, which we have absolutely fallen in love with, but more on that later. We are delving into the new Pixi Skintreats wardrobe and finding out just what makes each product launch so very special...

Double Cleanse

The cleanser of all cleansers, this is the new product that has sent the beauty world into a tizz. Created in collaboration with Caroline Hirons, the Double Cleanse is a 2-in-1 product which comprises a solid cleansing oil and cleansing cream, making it the perfect travel companion.

The solid cleansing oil removes your makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, while the cleansing cream can be massaged in afterwards to effectively rinse away any remaining residue and effectively cleanse your skin without having to battle through layers of makeup! The duo are packed with a host of vitamins, including Vitamins C and E to protect the skin and boost collagen, as well as Evening Primrose Oil to envelope the skin in a shrine of nourishment. Oh, and did we mention it's paraben and fragrance free? Perfection.

Peel and Polish

Exfoliation is key, key, key this year and we cannot get enough of Pixi's Peel and Polish. Not only does it look fabulous in our bathroom cabinets, it really does have the most incredible beautifying properties for when your skin needs that pick-me-up.

Formulated with Natural Fruit Enzymes and Lactic Acid, the mask dissolves away any dead skin cells and clogged pores to leave you with a clearer and more radiant complexion. The addition of Sugar Extracts and Cellulose Peels only strengthen its ability to give you healthier and softer skin. If you have ever wondered how models get their gorgeous glow, it will be from an exfoliation treatment. Try this Peel and Polish, you absolutely won't regret it.

Sun Mist

When this first landed on our desks, we were absolutely intrigued and a little confused. Used to having to apply sun creams, which can feel slightly greasy on the skin and leave us with an ever so slight white film on our complexion, this unique way of applying sun product grabbed our attention immediately.

In the depths of winter and without sun, we went ahead and tried it anyway, because we absolutely couldn't wait, and really, we're supposed to wearing SPF all year anyway. It feels super lightweight on the skin and immediately sinks in, so we can continue our normal beauty routines without any fuss. Plus, it's enriched with Bamboo and Chamomile Extracts to soothe the skin and prevent irritation and redness. Hurry up summer, we have our new secret weapon.

Shop Pixi's Sun Mist:

Vitamin Wake Up Mist

Nothing quite says Pixi like a fabulous mist, and this new Vitamin enriched version is one we are loving in the colder months. Enriched with Citrus Fruit Extracts, it can be used as an energising toner, or throughout the day when you feel like your complexion needs waking up. As it also contains Lavender and Arginine, it's brilliant at soothing any inflammation and redness, so it'll be great in the depths of summer when our skin feels a little sensitive and overheated.

Shop Pixi's Vitamin Wake Up Mist:

Pixi, we're sold, hooked, can't believe how much we love it all. What a fabulous collection that everyone must try.

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Writer and expert
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