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A Meghan Markle wedding makeup look with Armani

A Meghan Markle wedding makeup look with Armani
Team LF
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"Meghan Markle-inspired wedding makeup" is one of the most searched-for beauty terms, and there's little wonder why. Not only did the Duchess of Sussex look absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, it's a look that lends itself well no matter whether you're a bride or not.

12 steps to the perfect wedding makeup look

Be your own princess on your wedding day thanks to our step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect bridal look with Armani.

Step 1:

To prep skin, take the Prima Glow Balm and gently rub into cleansed skin for a hydration boost. This balm also allows for more absorption ahead of foundation to ensure a flawless skin-like base.

Step 2:

To feel confident that your makeup won’t transfer or separate during the day, we recommend layering a primer over moisturised skin. The Armani Master UV Primer contains glycerine for longevity, alongside blurring technology to enhance skin’s luminosity. A good tip is to add one drop to your hand and warm together before applying to your face; the heat from your fingertips will melt the product into your skin. If your skin is on the oilier side, then add the Prima Day Long Skin Prefector to your T-Zone which will take away excess shine and protect you from the afternoon over-glow.

Step 3:

Luminous Silk is one of our favourite foundations for a natural, radiant looking finish. It's perfect for weddings or any event in front of the camera due to its micro-fil technology and how it works with flash photography. When applying the foundation, place a small amount of product to the middle of the face, lightly working your way outwards with fingers or a brush, which helps to give the skin a natural, luminous glow.

Step 4:

Take a flat foundation brush and press in the Loose Powder to set your base.

You don’t need to worry about over-applying with this powder as the featherweight formula prevents a powdery finish. Be sure to powder the eyelids too to act as a primer for the next step.

Step 5:

Next, take the Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in Shade 2, and trace your upper lash waterline, also known as 'tightlining'. Then, again just above the upper lash line as close to the lashes as possible. This gives the effect of fuller lashes once mascara is applied, but keeps it looking really natural. If you like, you can do a slight flick at the outer edges and buff out to elongate the eyes.

Step 6:

Apply Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow on the lid in Shade 2 for a natural sheen and to add further definition to the eye.

Spritz your brush with water or fixing spray before you apply the shadow, this will make the colour pigments pop even more

Step 7:

Moving to the lower lashes, take the same brown pencil and lightly run it under the lashes just on the outer corners to keep the eyes looking open and bright. Then, using the sponge on the opposite end of the pencil, carefully buff the line out to subtly smudge and remove any harsh lines.

Step 8:

Curl lashes and instantly add length and volume with the Eyes to Kill Wet Mascara. This mascara is waterproof, a necessity for any bridal look!

Step 9:

Using a fluffy brush, use the Armani Fluid Sheer in 10 to add a bronzed glow to the face. Ideally, you want to bronze where the sun naturally hits your face, so start from your forehead and move to your cheek and then softly under your chin. An easy way to achieve this is to follow the shape of a three! To add more depth and longevity you can layer the Fluid Sheer with the Neo Nude powder.

Step 10:

To balance out the bronze tones and instantly lift your complexion, use Fluid Sheer in Shade 11 as a blush. Apply to the back of your hand and take the same fluffy brush and apply to apple of the cheeks and cheekbones, to give that beautiful Meghan’esque fresh face finish.

By applying product to the back of your hand this method, will allow you to build up the colour as you wish.

Step 11:

Lastly for lips, take the Armani Smooth Lip Pencil in 4 and trace your lips slightly before applying the classic Rouge Armani Lipstick in 500. This cult lipstick earned its status for its long lasting and hydrating formula that prevents it from feeling drying on your lips, so is perfect your big day.

Step 12:

Now for the fragrance. No bride would be complete without a signature fragrance for the day and with the Armani Si collection you have the most beautiful range to choose from, including the elegant and sensual Si Eau De Parfum or the passionate and bold Si Passione. For touch-ups, we recommend the new Si Perfumed Powder, which is a perfectly-sized compact to carry with you on your big day.

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