5 ways to enhance your fragrance game

5 ways to enhance your fragrance game

From floral and fruity to musky and sweet, fragrance is what makes us all unique. Whether you’re an avid scent collector or prefer to have your one signature scent, it’s crucial you get the most out of your perfumes, toilettes and colognes. To do this we’ve put together 5 simple ways to enhance your fragrance game that can be easily incorporated into your routine 

1. Discover your favourite notes 

Without getting too technical, notes are the ingredients that make up a fragrance. Each perfume consists of: top notes which are the scents detected first and last around 10 minutes; heart notes that make up the body of the scent and last around 60 minutes; and base notes that form the foundation and last around 6 hours. Some of the most common note categories include fresh, floral, spice, wood and musk. Familiarise yourself with your favourite notes and shop your fragrance accordingly.  

2. Layer your scents

Why have two favourite scents when you can have three? Layering works by simply combining fragrances to create your own bespoke scent. Simply take your two favourite scents, either ones with similar notes to create a stronger concoction, or alternatively ones with contrasting notes to take you on an entirely new fragrance journey. Layering scents is a great idea for a special occasion to encapsulate memories through a fragrance that will always remind you of a special day.  

3. Add to your hair

If you can’t get enough of your fragrance try incorporating it into your hair routine. Whilst spraying it directly into your roots may cause damage, walking into a cloud of perfume will ensure that your hair gets coated and you’ll get a fresh burst every time you move. Alternatively for a lighter scent, spray your chosen fragrance onto a hairbrush and run this through your locks. This technique prevents any damage to your hair from the alcohol in the fragrance, whilst leaving your brush smelling amazing too.  

4. Leave your fragrance to dry naturally

Whilst we’re taught from a young age to spray fragrance onto our wrists and rub together, this actually does more harm than good. The friction created by rubbing heats up the skin and changes the way the scent performs. Instead, simply spraying and allowing the scent to dry naturally ensures the fragrance stays crisp and lasts all day. Spritz both wrists lightly ensuring the product has absorbed and you’re good to go! 

5. Get creative

Fragrance doesn’t just have to be limited to the body, instead try to incorporate it into other parts of your routine to awaken your senses throughout the day. Whether you have a party dress to wear or fresh bedding to make up, spraying your warm laundry with your chosen fragrance will leave you smelling delightful for longer. To make your Monday mornings more luxurious, try spraying the pages of your Diary with your favourite scent. Instead of being faced with meetings, you’ll be greeted with your favourite notes to keep you going all day long. 

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