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Discover the luxury of Leonor Greyl haircare

Discover the luxury of Leonor Greyl haircare
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Leonel Greyl began at the meeting of two passionate individuals. Leonor, a beauty and hair care fanatic, and Jean-Marie Greyl, a keen botanist. Their meeting sparked a common desire to create natural hair care products, using plants and natural ingredients long before haircare brands recognised the benefits of the wonders of nature on the hair.

In 1968, Leonor Greyl was born and undeniably inspired the natural haircare trend many of us now embrace. Word was spread by some of the most prestigious hairdressers in Paris at the time and soon thousands of Parisian women swore by Leonor Greyl.

Made from a nourishing blend of natural extracts like apricot seed and mongongo nut oils, Leonor Greyl's Huile Secret de Beauté oil promised to be the perfect beach companion - VOGUE

Each of their natural, luxury hair products quickly became beauty must-haves. The iconic L'Huile de Leonor Greyl quickly gathered a dedicated following as a luxurious staple for soft, lustrous, healthy hair.

Using a vast array of natural, organically certified ingredients, Leonor Greyl has rightfully gained its reputation as offering luxurious, effective haircare which is kind to both your hair and the environment.

5 of the best Leonor Greyl products

Discover the Leonor Greyl products that will give your hair the shine, lustre and glamour you've always dreamed of.

L'Huile de Leonor Greyl

The innovative L'Huile de Leonor Greyl pre-shampoo oil treatment is undoubtedly Leonor Greyl's signature product. Enriched with Copra and Mongongo Oil, the water-resistant oil detangles, softens and repairs dry, damaged hair prior to shampooing. The rich multi-purpose oil also contains natural UVA and UBV filters which protect your hair effectively against the sun and the damage caused by chlorine and sea water making it the perfect holiday haircare product.

Simply apply into dry hair and leave on for ten minutes then wash and condition as usual. If your hair is in need of a deep treat, leave the L'Huile de Leonor Greyl on overnight and wash out the following morning.

Shampooing Au Miel

Restore body and add bounce to your locks with the Leonor Greyl Shampooing Au Miel. Utilising the cleansing powers of Acacia Honey and plant extracts, the Shampooing Au Miel deeply cleanses the hair whilst adding volume, luminosity and body. Suitable for every day yse, the gentle yet effective formula leaves your hair looking healthy with enviable shine.

Lait Luminescence

Achieve soft, manageable locks with Lait Luminescence: a leave-in, detangling conditioner which nourishes without weighing down your hair. The bi-phase solution transforms into a milky consistency when shaken and coats your hair in a moisture when applied. Powered by rich botanical extracts and plant oils, the Lait Luminescence leaves your hair silky and shiny.

Masque Quintessence

Treat your hair to a truly indulgent restorative mask with the Masque Quintessence. Infused with conditioning Cupuaçu and Manketti oils, the rich mask helps to repair the harmful effects of heat stylist, bleaching and environmental aggressors on your hair to leave locks revitalised with a healthy shine. Smoothing each and every hair fibre from root to tip, the Masque Quintessence uses time-release technology to slowly replenish vital moisture and nutrients throughout the day. Your hair will be left silky and supply with a divine shine.

Voluforme Styling Spray

Add weightless, flexible volume to your hair with the Voluforme Styling Spray. Specially formulated to set the volume and shape of your hairstyle, the nutrient-rich, natural formula protects and holds your hair, adding enviable volume at your roots. Perfect for those with fine, limp hair, the Voluforme Styling Spray works wonders to create weightless volume when applied to either damp or dry hair.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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