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A guide to female vibrators with Smile Makers

A guide to female vibrators with Smile Makers
Team LF
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You may have noticed a huge cultural shift toward wellness and more specifically self-care over the last few years.

While many of us will think of meditation apps, health supplements or skincare, there's a whole other self-care category that's making some serious waves and that category is; sex-care.

More women in the UK own a vibrator than a dishwasher and 9 out 10 view owning a vibrator positively. They should too as sexual activity has many scientifically proven health benefits yet women’s sexuality has remained very taboo.

However, fourth wave feminism brings with it a strong message of sex positivity; empowering women to take charge of their sexuality as an important part of their overall health. This thought is nothing new however to fem-tech brand Smile Makers, whose mission is to normalise the perception of female sexuality by reframing women's sexuality as part of their overall wellbeing.

Sex-care is self-care

Orgasms don’t just feel amazing but they’re good for us on a psychological level. From stress and pain relief to getting a better night’s sleep, hormones released during an orgasm are the ultimate mood booster.

The spasms your pelvic floor experience during orgasm help to alleviate tension in the uterus; while the oxytocin released help it to relax, making it the perfect period cramp solution.

Interested in anti-ageing? The surge in blood flow during an orgasm leads to better oxygenation and increased collagen production which has a great effect on your skin.

Did you know that the majority of women say masturbation makes them feel more beautiful and boosts self-esteem and autonomy when it comes to sexual pleasure?80% of women agree that self-pleasure positively affect their overall wellbeing and sexologists agree too.

Smile Makers are leading the way to bring sex OUT IN THE OPEN. That's why they exclusively sell through beauty, fashion and wellness partners. Never in sex shops.

Ready to get hands-on sex education?

With over 70% of women needing external stimulation to orgasm, Smile Makers products are unique to the real female experience of sex. Working with the medical community, Smile Makers know that penetrative sex is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the female orgasm. That’s why they have crafted vibrators for women based on the variety of ways women experience sexual pleasure.

Female vibrators by Smile Makers

The Frenchman, a soft tongue vibrator, helps you explore all your pleasure zones. Play solo or with a partner to discover uncharted erogenous areas of your body.

Believe it or not, the inner labia are extremely sensitive and worth your attention. The Fireman delivers extended stimulation from the clitoris glans to the intimate lips leading to more intense clitoral orgasms.

Explore your G-Spot, the internal structure where your clitoris meets your vagina, with the focused stimulation of The Tennis Coach.

The chicest vibrator ever made; The Millionaire. Created in a classic shape that is so versatile. Start stimulating your clitoris with its rounded head and use internally varying your pulsation modes.

The Surfer, this perfect travel companion is the most compact clitoral vibrator that still packs in all the power. It features a textured head for added stimulation while you experiment with different techniques.

New to vibrators? Choose Smile Makers

Smile Makers vibrators are super high quality yet very affordable, discreet and body safe. Plus, they are waterproof.

Not sure which vibrator to buy? Choosing a vibrator is a very personal choice and you might find that how you orgasm is totally different to your friends. Ask yourself what type of stimulation you are curious to try and what area you are curious to explore. Do you prefer internal or external stimulation? A diffused type or very focused?

Smile Makers tip? Make time to discover yourself, learn about your body and your pleasure!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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