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A morning skincare routine with this works

A morning skincare routine with this works
Team LF
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Waking up isn't always the easiest thing in the world. Late nights and stress can all leave us feeling a little less than perky, which is why this works are here to combat all that with their perfect morning skincare routine.

Their morning expert range has been specially formulated to deliver brightening properties to the skin and improve complexion radiance with minimal effort.

Completely vegan and suitable for all skin types, morning expert is a range of products to relieve post-sleep fatigue and improve your mental awareness thanks to its mood-boosting and energising essential oil blend.

5 steps to the perfect morning skincare routine

1. Use a diffuser

Diffusers are becoming more and more popular; praised for their ability to inspire a positive emotional wellbeing and aid sleep.

The this works morning expert wake-up drops have been specially formulated with uplifting essential oils of peppermint and rosemary, which help with morning motivation.

Pop a couple of drops into your diffuser when you wake up and let the beautiful scent reduce post-sleep fatigue and boost your mental awareness.

2. Take 10 minutes out with a face mask

We don't always have a lot of extra time to pamper ourselves in the mornings, but taking just 10 minutes out to apply a face mask a couple of times a week will make all the difference to your complexion.

The this works morning expert Vitamin C power mask has been specially formulated to work in just 1 minute if you're in a rush, but if you can take 10 minutes out, do so, as it will help you to achieve a really luminous complexion.

Made with a 10% concentration of water-activated Vitamin C, the face mask helps to slough away dead skin cells and visibly brighten dulling skin. To use, massage onto dry skin before adding water and massaging for another 1 minute to activate the Vitamin C. Leave on for 10 minutes if you can...

3. Use an AHA exfoliant

One of the best tips we have ever heard is to use an AHA exfoliant in the mornings, as it not only helps to brighten, but also leaves the skin beautifully smooth and prepped for makeup application.

The this works morning expert multi-acid pads have been specially formulated with fruit-derived AHA's to gently exfoliate without causing irritation. Unclogging blocked pores and smoothing out uneven skin tone, the pads are also infused with azelaic acid and liquorice root to calm and reduce the appearance of redness.

4. Apply a hydrating serum

Nothing helps to achieve that beautifully dewy and plumped-up complexion quite like a hydrating serum, which is why we love the this works morning expert hyaluronic serum.

Formulated with a 2% hyaluronic acid base (wheat-derived, so not suitable for anyone with gluten intolerance), it also contains brightening Vitamin C to perk up tired complexions and leave them visibly glowing.

5. Finish with an eye cream

Achieve beautifully bright eyes with the this works morning expert open eyes. Designed to instantly relieve signs of fatigue such as dark circles and puffiness, the treatment comes with a metal-tip applicator, which helps to cool the skin as it applies product.

Formulated with cocoa seed peptides, Persian silk extract and giant kelp, the lightweight serum melts into the skin to de-puff, detoxify and brighten. The antioxidant properties of the ingredients also help to shield against blue light pollution and reduce accelerated skin ageing.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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