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Braided Hair Like Olivia Palermo

Braided Hair Like Olivia Palermo
Team LF
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She is one of the biggest style icons on the planet, so it's only natural that Olivia Palermo knows a thing or two when it comes to perfectly done hair. With gorgeously shiny caramel locks, no matter how Olivia wears it, she wears it well. However, coming into the warmer months, we absolutely love her braided hair and think it would make a great summer day or evening look.

Braided hair is becoming a serious trend for 2016, with celebrities from Kim and Khloe Kardashion to Beyoncé and Hailee Steinfield rocking the look. The great thing about braided hair is that it can be tailored to your personality to look either romantic, casual, sporty or super trendy. We are going to follow in the footsteps of Palermo and take the classic braid look; perfect if you're heading out to lunch with the girls or even a day on the beach to keep your style fresh all day long.

Summer Braids Made Easy

Follow these easy steps to get gorgeously romantic braids for the warmer weather!


Begin by washing your hair with the Bumble and Bumble Surf Shampoo and Surf Conditioner to help add texture and volume. If you want to try a sample before purchasing the full-size product, then Bumble and Bumble has a Surf Travel Set, which is perfect.


Apply Redken Braid Aid to towel-dried air and then dry with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle attached, such as this set from ghd. Using a diffuser helps to keep heat damage to a minimum as it diffuses the heat to a larger area of the hair; helping your locks stay shiny and healthy.


Separate your hair in two halves from the top of your head to the bottom of your head. The top of your head should have more hair in its section. Clip the top section in place with one of the ego Professional Flexigrip Clips.


Braid the bottom section of your hair into one plait. Ideally this should go horizontally across your head, but if you are struggling to braid it from this angle, then do a normal plait and pin it across the head.


Split the top section of your hair into 4 sections. Braid the two middle sections downwards towards the nape of your neck, secure with an elastic band and then pin across the head; weaving them across each other.


With the outer sections, braid them diagonally towards the middle of your head and pin them into place in the other braids. Make sure to hide any existing pins. To make the look a little more romantic, pull the braids out so they're looser, and pull a few wisps of hair from around your face. Seal with a high-gloss styling product, such as the Redken Shine Flash 02 for added hold and gloss.

Credit for the image of the gorgeous Olivia is credit to Rex.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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