Create Curls with Aveda

Create Curls with Aveda

Aveda have gone all romantic, with beautifully glossy, curly hairstyles. They are letting us in on their styling secrets and showing us how to create gorgeous curls, whatever the hair type. If you are looking to add curls and texture to naturally straight hair, this tutorial is perfect for you.

Create Curls with Aveda


Prep your hair

On towel-dried hair, apply Pure Abundance Style Prep by spritzing all over and combing through. Then apply Phomollient Styling Foam for fine hair which helps to add lift and volume. Then use a hair dryer to take a little bit of moisture away from the hair but not drying it all the way through.


Get braiding

This is what is going to add the texture and wave to hair.your hair in half from your parting. Then split each half into half which will give you 2 sections on each side. For larger curls or waves, use larger sections of hair. For tighter curls or waves, use smaller sections of hair in your braid.
Tippi Shorter. Artistic Director – Aveda.

Braid each section by splitting your hair into 3 and then taking a little piece from each side each time you move the braid over. Secure each braid at the end with a hair band.


Set the curl

Either let your hair dry naturally whilst in the braids by sleeping in them overnight or keep them in whilst you get ready. You can give them a helping hand with some heat; blow-dry your hair taking the heat from the top of your hair to the ends.


Finish the look

When your braids are totally dry, you can take them out and gently separate the waves with your fingers. If you want to add some extra shape to some of the curls, use a curling wand on a few individual sections. Apply Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray all over for some hold and you are good to go!

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