Get the Adele Makeup Look

Get the Adele Makeup Look

Ever since going to see Adele on tour a few weeks ago, I have been obsessing over her flawless makeup. I guess seeing her winged liner projected on a giant screen can do that to you! I’m clearly not the only one though, as I also spotted an amazing video with Adele’s Makeup Artist, Michael Ashton over on Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel at the weekend.

Whenever Adele is on the red carpet (or on tour!), the focus is always on her eyes. Sometimes she’ll add a red lip, but it really is all about the eye makeup. It is so classic, elegant and perfectly executed. If you’re as obsessed with those eyeliner flicks as I am, then just read on for all of our best tips and products for that classic Adele makeup look.

  1. Start with the eyes

    Usually people leave the eyes until the end of their makeup application. Michael does the opposite and starts with the eyes. This lets you work on the eyes in detail, without the risk of messing up the rest of your makeup with eyeshadow fallout or rubbing off carefully applied foundation as you go.

  2. Add depth with shadow

    Often a bold liner is left on bare lids, but Michael recommends applying neutral eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer, blended well all over the lids, to add subtle definition to the eyes. It is part of what makes Adele’s eyeliner stand out so beautifully.

    This Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy palette has just the right mix of golden and matte neutral shades to give our eyes a boost.

  3. Gel Liner is your friend

    There are all sorts of eyeliners out there, but for the precision and depth of Adele’s winged flicks, gel liner and a brush are essential. We love the FACE Stockholm gel liner for an intense black finish and the Sigma E11 Eye Liner brush offers ultimate precision. For a more affordable alternative, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Gel Liner is fab.

    To make things easier, Michael recommends applying a little gel to the back of your hand and working the brush through it. It will help make the liner more workable and give an even coating without any lumps.


  4. Start Basic

    For perfect liner, Michael starts out with filling in and prepping the basic shape before worrying about refining the flick. He starts from the middle to get the basic shape before refining and adding with more layers.

    The ultimate secret? Use a cotton bud dipped in a micellar water like the PAYOT Sensi Eau Dermo Water to tidy up the final flick. It will clear away any uneven edges and help sharpen up end of the flick.

  5. Embrace False Lashes

    Adele’s signature bold eyes are topped off with gorgeous false lashes, for a fluttery finish. Michael swears by the Duo Lash Glue for Adele, saying there is no better lash glue. Its black formula dries down invisibly and helps to blend the lashes into the natural lash line for a seamless result.

    Try the Ardel Wispies for a classic finish. Apply after your eyeliner but before your mascara. Struggle with applying them? Michael uses a cotton bud to press the lashes down onto the lid for a neat finish.

  6. Don't forget the finishing touches.

    This look is all about the details. Michael adds mascara to the bottom lashes, focussing on the roots to add definition to the eye and balance out the heavy top lashes. He also finishes everything off with a layer of liquid liner like the Lord & Berry Ink Glam Liquid Eye Liner, to give extra intensity and a ‘patent leather shine’ to the flicks.

  7. Go Flawless

    After perfecting the eyes, you can finish the look with an amazing base. Michael nourishes the skin with Decléor’s Aromessence Rose d’Orient first and then uses the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light for a flawless finish. He applies it in light layers and buffing well to make it look as natural as possible.

    Subtle contour on the cheekbones and blush adds the final definition and glow, whilst leaving the focus all about those eyes.

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