Winter Makeup: Day 17 – The Perfect Cat Eye with Bellapierre

Winter Makeup: Day 17 – The Perfect Cat Eye with Bellapierre

There’s really nothing more classic than a winged eyeliner look. The team from Bellapierre Cosmetics have your Winter makeup look sorted with the gorgeous Gel Eyeliner behind the door of Day 17. Discover their tricks to a perfect cat eye liner look.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Cat Eye Liner

The perfect cat eye can be a daunting task, so before you even start, the most important this is to find the product that will deliver the best results. Spending half an hour on your eye makeup, only to have it slide off over a few hours is not fun!

This is where the Bellapierre Cosmetics Gel Liner Pencil comes in. It has an amazing texture that makes application a breeze and the high intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich coloring after just one application.

To keep your look around all day, the creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries to a long lasting, smudge proof, and crease proof finish. What more could you need?

  1. Get the Shape Right

    Cat eyes are not the same width all the way across. They begin thin at the inner corner near the tear duct, getting thicker towards the outer corner creating an elongated line with a slight diagonal line to finish with.

    When creating the line, it is natural to want to pull and stretch your eyelid however to achieve this look – this isn’t the case! If you do, your cat eye will look crooked when you let go!

    Instead, its recommended to tilt your head back slightly as you apply, so that you’re not look at your eye lid at eye level.

  2. Don't Worry About Mistakes

    The technique for a cat eye can be tricky and can need a few tries to achieve the perfect cat eye!. But, if you mess up, don’t worry!

    To fix any mistakes, just dip a cotton bud into alcohol-based makeup remover. If you don’t have that, then another hidden gem of a product is plain old Vaseline!

    Gently hold it on top of the mistake and twist – don’t rub or wipe. The eyeliner will come away easily and then you only have a small area to fix up afterwards.

  3. Go Subtle or Bold

    Once you’re happy with your feline flick, you then have the option whether or not to ramp up the look by lining your lower eyelid or along your water line with the eye liner to give it more of a bold look.

    The Bellapierre Gel Liner is 100% waterproof, which gives you the reassurance that your make up will not move all day. This means we love to use it to take our look from day to evening.

    Just pop this pencil in your handbag, and you’ll be ready to be on the move any time of day, whether it’s a business meeting, cocktails, or you just want to glam up for that special someone.




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