Berdoues Perfumes

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With over 100 years' experience under their belt, Berdoues are pioneers of the fragrance industry. Discover our full range of Berdoues perfumes today.

Despite being over a century old, Berdoues has a unique talent of being able to reinvent themselves, delivering fresh, modern scents that stand the test of time, while still remaining true to their original values. In fact, the brand is so loyal to their origins that to this day, they remain a family run business. Currently, the brand is in its 4th generation, led by Sophie Berdoues, great-granddaughter of the brand's founder.

Due to their years of experience, Berdoues has become a leader in the perfume industry. Made from only the very best raw materials, each perfume is compromised of a rare blend for a unique, luxurious scent. The sleek, sophisticated yet playful designs of the bottles will take pride of place atop any dressing table.

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