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2017 Hair Trends with Redken

2017 Hair Trends with Redken
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Lookfantastic were lucky enough to attend the 2017 Redken Symposium in Las Vegas and Miami (we know, we work too hard), to understand the upcoming hair trends for the year, and how best you can incorporate them into your everyday routines.

redken hair trends

We know you can't always recreate the 10,000 step plait that we see on many a runway model, but you can take inspiration from the hair trends and make them into a wearable style for you.

Trends will always pass, but style stays forever - Redken

The Evolution of Trends

Trends evolve all the time, so you have to always look to incorporate them into your natural style, because that will always remain.

They have a natural life cycle, meaning that at some point they will fade, and you will be left with a look that is no longer considered "fashionable". You have to find a happy balance of working with the runway and a style that will last forever. Work with their natural progressions, it'll pay off.

Go with your natural style and mix that up; you don't have to follow what is coming off the catwalk exactly. Pick one effect you like and then work out how you can incorporate that into your routine. Leaders stay true to their roots - Redken

Redken divide trends into 3 main categories to help them bring you looks that will work for you.

  1. Innovators - The models on the runways show off the trends of the season ahead.
  2. Mainstream - Celebrities begin to adopt certain parts of the trend with their stylists.
  3. Followers - Arrives in the salon, where we begin to see trend elements amongst the general public.

The Hair Trends for 2017

This year is a big year for colour, with pastel shades taking a huge step forward from the sidelines and becoming centre stage.

Colour is about referencing all the different histories to create a new and unique look. One way to achieve this is through root dimension and shadow, which creates a dip dye effect so you can better blend colour into your natural hair. It should be like a cloud - fluffy and dimensional - you can’t see where the colour starts and where the colour stops - Redken


1. Hidden Rainbow

This unique trend is the perfect way to delve into colour if you are a little nervous or have never used colour products before.

Colour is placed underneath the hair, so when it is down and in its natural state, a very pale pastel highlight shines through, to give tone and warmth to your locks.

You can achieve this by placing colours throughout the underbelly of the hair and then merging together so that it looks quite messy..

For a marble effect (another big trend), mix 3 colours together lightly, and blend in.

2. Whisper, Talk, Shout

Whisper, talk and shout seemed to be a Redken chant at the symposium! It is one of the key mantras for 2017 and specifically relates to colour.

The idea behind it is that you choose your colour based on how loud you want it to look. So, even if you don't think you can incorporate colour into your haircare regime, you actually can by adding in a "whisper."

If you want to "shout", go all out with vibrant brights and let your hair do the talking.

3. Peacock Effect

This effect is definitely for those wishing to shout with their colour!

Colour is placed in a halo around the hairline at the top of the head, and it is this light that travels around the head in the shape of a circle to create natural movement and tone.

redken hair trends

Tips for following Hair Trends

  1. Look at your complexion colour, face shape and hair line. Always ask your hairstylist to go through your natural features to get the perfect colour and cut for you. This will then adapt how the trend can work for your style.
  2. The Redken PH Bonder is an essential if you are using colour products. It gives you the perfect shade, and ensures your hair remains healthy throughout the colouring process.
  3. If you go stronger with your hair colour, then go softer with your cut. It will make for a much more natural look.
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