3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Here at Lookfantastic HQ, we definitely believe that eating well is the key to looking and feeling great. We’ve mentioned this before, but the Myprotein Blog is one of our go-to places for great healthy recipes, with everything from healthy sweet treats to great everyday meals.

Just in time for the weekend, we got in touch with one of Myprotein’s editors, Laura, to ask her which healthy breakfast recipes she relies on to get her through busy days at work and the gym. Try these delicious breakfasts to make your morning munchies that extra bit exciting!

Laura’s Favourite Healthy Breakfasts

  1. <a href="">A High-Protein Acai Bowl</a>

    I have spotted these bowls of goodness all over Instagram and Youtube recently and it isn’t just because of how pretty they look; Acai bowls are an amazing way to add fruits and vitamins to your diet.

    Rich in protein, this Acai Bowl recipe will give you a boost. Acai is classed as a plant-based food that packs a punch of antioxidants for removing toxins and fibre to aid healthy digestion – in addition to a plethora of other juicy health-benefitting vitamins and minerals. Sounds good, eh? It’s delicious too.

    Combine Acai with a bowl of rolled oats for slow-energy release and throw in some juicy berries and protein-rich chia seeds and you’ve got a healthy and aesthetically pleasing breakfast. Hello Instagram.


  2. low-carb-egg-baskets

    <a href="">Low-Carb Egg Baskets</a>

    I love this quick and easy Low-Carb Egg Basket recipe which uses just eggs and vegetables. Not only are these quick and simple egg baskets low-carb, but they contribute to your 5-a-day with a sprinkle of courgette and carrot whilst packing in some quality protein and healthy fats for a filling breakfast.

    See the word fats then? Don’t be put off; healthy fats such as eggs, coconut oil, oily fish and nuts not only help keep you full, but they’re crucial for hormone regulation – especially in women. A lack of fat in the diet can affect everything from your mood to the normal function of your body. It’s even fair to say that eating fat can help you lose fat. Pass the eggs!

  3. blueberry-raspberry-protein-pancake

    <a href="">Protein Pancakes</a>

    I love to treat myself at the weekend. Making a pretty, fancy breakfast after a lie-in is my idea of weekend bliss and these protein pancakes make the ideal guilt-free brunch. I love that the pancake mix makes whipping these up a total breeze.

    Berries – specifically blueberries – are great sources of Antioxidants too. These nifty little molecules mop up toxins in the body that can otherwise damage your cells. Add quark (a great naturally high protein alternative to yoghurt or cream) and berries to make a plate that looks as good as it’ll make you feel.

A big thank you to Laura for these delicious looking ideas! Don’t forget to check out the Myprotein blog for more healthy eating inspiration.



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