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Amber Gill’s curly hair routine with Living Proof

Amber Gill’s curly hair routine with Living Proof
Gigi Gordon
Beauty Writer1 month ago
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Also known as the 'first solo winner of Love Island', Amber Gill won the title back in 2019 with her bubbly personality and great chat. Since then, she's been running her own fitness programme as well as launching her own fashion collection at Miss Pap. What Amber hasn't given us until now, despite much demand, is her curly hair routine.

We always wondered if her hair is so big because it's full of secrets, and it seems we were right. Teaming up with Living Proof, the Love Island queen finally dished the details on her routine and methods, which you can discover below...


Amber starts her curly hair routine with the Living Proof Curl Shampoo. Massage the product into your scalp, working the shampoo in with your fingers. Don't worry about shampooing the ends, the suds will clean the length of your hair when you wash it out.

The great thing about Living Proof's formula is how delicate it is. Gentle yet effective, the shampoo uplifts dirt and build-up from the scalp, without stripping the strands of their essential moisture. Your hair will feel clean and soft once your rinse it out, rather than dry and straw-like.

  • Living Proof Curl Shampoo 340ml

    Living Proof Curl Shampoo 340ml



Rake the Living Proof Curl Conditioner through your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Leave it in for a couple of minutes to let it work its magic.

The texture will feel rich and creamy, providing your hair with the perfect amount of slip for detangling. Just make sure you're delicate with your comb. Your hair is its most vulnerable when wet and prone to breakage - so comb carefully!

  • Living Proof Curl Conditioner 340ml

    Living Proof Curl Conditioner 340ml

    5 Stars 1 Reviews


Always dry your hair in a microfibre towel. Don't use a conventional cotton towel on your luscious locks, as the fibres are too tough for our delicate curls. The rough fibres rub against the hair, creating friction, which can even lead to breakage.

If your microfibre towel hasn't yet arrived, an old T-shirt will do! Just make sure it's clean and wrap it around your head like you would a towel.

  • brushworks Hair Wrap

    brushworks Hair Wrap

    3.6 Stars 5 Reviews
  • Aquis Hair Turban Waffle Luxe Dream Boat

    Aquis Hair Turban Waffle Luxe Dream Boat

    4.33 Stars 3 Reviews


Sometimes your hair can dry a little too much from the microfibre towel, so you can dampen it again with a spray bottle or a curl refreshing spray. The Kerastase Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolu Spray is ultra-hydrating, working to moisturise the hair with a fine mist. It also has an easy push lock to secure the spray, making it ideal for travelling.

Next, go in with the Curl Moisture Boost Serum to give your curls an extra boost of moisture. The consistency is so lightweight that your curls will effortlessly absorb the formula, leaving them silky to the touch. Move around the head in small sections, trying your best to cover almost every curl.

  • Living Proof Curl Moisture Boost Serum 50ml

    Living Proof Curl Moisture Boost Serum 50ml


Then, go in with the Curl Elongator. This product is perfect for those with tighter textures, as it helps to fight shrinkage. Again, focus on the mid-lengths and ends as you rake lots of product into the hair, working in larger sections. To give your hair just a little bit more moisture, go in with the Curl Definer. Focus on the very ends of your hair, where it dries out the quickest.

  • Living Proof Curl Elongator 240ml

    Living Proof Curl Elongator 240ml

    5 Stars 1 Reviews
  • Living Proof Curl Definer 190ml

    Living Proof Curl Definer 190ml

    5 Stars 1 Reviews

Once your hair is saturated with creamy products, go in with the Curl Defining Gel. Scrunching the product into your hair will help to create definition and leave bouncier curls.

Finally, leave your hair to air dry for a couple of hours while you get on with other things. Then, voila! Say hello to big, bouncy and defined curls!

  • Living Proof Curl Defining Gel 150ml

    Living Proof Curl Defining Gel 150ml



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