Heat Protection: The Best Sprays and Creams

Heat Protection: The Best Sprays and Creams

We are so grateful that hairdryers, curlers and straighteners exist. It gives us the chance to change up our look whenever we like and helps our hair look just how we want. What we don’t love is the impact of the heat on our hair if we don’t use heat protection sprays.

Why Bother With Heat Protection?

Every single on of our hair strands is coated with a protective layer called the cuticle. It is made up of cells that overlap each other like fish scales to help keep moisture in the hair and keep it smooth and shiny. The cuticle makes sure that the inside of our hair, the cortex, stays healthy. If it isn’t that is where we can start seeing breakage and hair loss.

Blow drying can cause a ‘flash dry‘ effect on the hair, removing not only the surface water we are trying to get rid of, but also water within the hair strands. This can cause the cuticle to become dry, rigid and brittle.

Straightening or curling can cause the cuticles to crack along the edges, making them prone to chipping and increasing the risk of water loss. If your hair is wet whilst you use them, then it can cause little tiny blisters along the cuticle from the water bursting out as steam. Both situations leave hair prone to breakage and looking dull.

So, heat protection is essential to keep hair shiny, smooth and healthy, limiting the chance of breakage and split ends.

Our Favourites

This thermal protection spray has a dual effect formula, which helps nourish hair at the same time as protecting against heat damage. It works with temperatures up to 220°C, for glossy, sleek locks. For the best results, shake it well and then spray it on section by section over dry hair at arm's length. Then style to your heart's content!

A fashion week styling favourite, this pre-styling mist is ideal for dry brittle hair. It helps soften and detangle the hair whilst also protecting against the impact of UV and heat. Just spritz this all over damp hair and enjoy the sweet, fruity fragrance before combing through and styling as usual.

If anyone knows about heat styling, it is ghd, Makers of some of the best-loved styling tools, they have produced a styling cream that uses heat to give hair extra protection, Using their innovative Thermo-Marine Bonding System, it helps bind together split ends and strengthen the hair at the same time as protecting. You'll unlock beautiful shine that lasts up to 10 washes!

This is heat protection and styling all in one. Thanks to the addition of a texturising mineral salt it gives hair a semi-matte finish, which is ideal for those choppy looks that are currently on trend. It is ideal for using with a diffuser to blow dry in beachy waves.

Developed for professional stylists, this spray will shield you hair from the damage of heat styling. It works brilliantly for both blow drying and straightening. Apply onto damp hair before blow drying, or spritz liberally over dry hair before you use your straighteners or curling tongs.

If your hair tends to break from combing and struggles with heat, both from styling and the sun, this is the one for you. It offers incredible protection and adds beautiful shine. Spray all over the hair before styling and discover stronger, healthier hair.

Schwarzkopf has been making incredible haircare products since 1903 and they are still a go-to brand for so many of us. This is perfect for modern haircare though, offering heat protection up to 230°C and strong control for super smooth locks. A straightening dream!

SHOW Beauty offer a luxury haircare experience, with beautiful packaging and incredible results. With anti-oxidants and proteins, this thermal spray gives amazing protection against heat, looks after colour and adds an extra styling boost for body and shine.

With those who love the nourishment of oils but want to protect the hair, this is the one to try out. Its ingredients include Black Cumin Oil, which was used as along ago as in the Egyptian times for soothing burns. With a velvety finish, this cream gives incredible protection up to 230°C.

For delicate hair prone to breakage, extra nourishment is essential. Offering extra glide to help heat tools go through the hair without snagging, it protects against heat styling thanks to a blend of Coconut Oil, ceramides and cationic polymers. Frizz-free, smooth style is easy to achieve.



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