The Best Makeup Primers for Every Occasion

The Best Makeup Primers for Every Occasion

If you have a big night planned, then you’ll want to make sure your makeup can last the night looking perfect. For this, makeup primers are an essential part of your tool kit so we’re sharing the best makeup primers for every occasion.

How to Choose your Perfect Primer

We all know primers can keep your makeup lasting longer, but they can do a lot more than that too. Whatever your skin needs, there is a primer that can help it look its best. We’re explaining the ingredients to look for and our recommendations for perfect looking skin.

To Keep Skin Matte

If you tend to get oily and makeup slides off your face, then a mattifying and oil controlling primer is your best friend.

Ingredients like talc, also listed as Magnesium Silicate, or silicone polymers such as Dimethicone are some of the most common ones for helping to instantly mattify and control oil.

Our Favourite:

The oil-free formula smooths the skin, giving a velvety finish that helps your makeup stay on perfectly.

To Keep Skin Hydrated

For skin that can tend to be flaky, tight and dry, then a hydrating primer can help leave it looking plump and soft. This makes it so much easier to apply makeup flawlessly.

Look for water-based primers, which really help extend the wear of your makeup, as well as those containing Glycerin, which helps to trap moisture into the skin.

Our Favourite:

With its water-based formula, this helps to keep skin looking fresh and hydrated all day long.

To Make Skin Radiant

Primers can do wonders for giving a radiant glow to the skin, helping to brighten the complexion and give a youthful finish.

Look for primers that contain illuminating powders like Mica; they give a lit-from-within finish.

Our Favourite:

Thanks to both Mica and crushed pearl, this gives gives a softly luminous finish to the skin that gives the perfect base for natural makeup.

To Smooth the Skin

If you tend to have open pores or fine lines that your makeup settles in, then you need a primer that helps smooth everything out. Silicones are the best at this, helping to level out the skin.

For the best results, tap the primer into the skin instead of rubbing; it helps force the primer into any wrinkles or wide pores for a flawless result.

Our Favourite:

With a silky soft feel, this taps into the skin and instantly smoothes out the skin thanks to its mix of non-comodogenic silicones.

To Keep Skin Even

For skin that struggles with either pigmentation or redness, a primer that helps to calm and even out the skin-tone is a great base before your makeup.

There are lots of versions with green, yellow, peach and purple tints that can target your specific skin needs. Look for Iron Oxides in the ingredients as these are what give the colours.

Our Favourite: 

The ribbons of green, lavender and peach blend together to counteract redness, sallowness and dullness all in one for a beautifully even, fresh complexion.



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