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The Best Summer Highlighters

The Best Summer Highlighters
Writer and expert8 years ago
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We love a highlighter all year round; they are our favourites for adding glow and radiance to the skin. But in summertime, we like to switch things up to make the most of our tan (real or fake!).

Swapping out to warmer tones and trying different finishes like liquids and creams is our secret to getting that incredible model-off-duty glow during the Summer months. We're sharing all the tips for getting the most out of your highlighter for Summer, as well as our favourite highlighters for you to try.

How to Apply Highlighter

We're going back to basics here, but application is the key to getting the best finish. For Summer, we love a highlighter that adds a subtle radiance rather than stripes of shine. It gives a beautiful, natural finish that has been all over the catwalks for the last few months.

The key to applying highlighter? Look where the light hits your face. Applying a highlighter is all about reflecting light off your face to enhance your bone structure and make your skin look luminous. But applying it to different places has different effects:

  • The apples of the cheeks: Combine your highlighter with a sweep of blush on the apples of the cheeks for a soft glow.
  • The tops of the cheekbones: Applying from under the eye socket up to the hairline on the tops of the cheekbones gives a more contoured look to the face.
  • The bridge of the nose: This can help slim the nose but the trick is to keep a light touch. A gentle sweep on the bridge is all you need- avoid highlighting the tip of the nose unless you want to draw attention to it!
  • The cupid's bow: Want defined, plump looking lips? Dab a small amount of highlighter on your cupid's bow to boost the shape of your lips, either with your index find or
  • The brow bone: A touch of glow just under your eyebrows can help your eyes look wider and larger, as well as enhancing your bone structure.
  • The inner eye: When you are tired, a little dab of highlighter on the inner corner of your eye by the tear ducts can be a lifesaver for brightening up the eyes.
  • The centre of the eyelid: This is another spot that is ideal for opening up the eyes for bigger, brighter eyes, although it is best to choose one spot on the eyes to focus your highlighting on at a time!

There are lots of ways to apply your highlighter. For powder highlighters we love a fluffy highlighter brush like the Sigma F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush, or for an even lighter finish, try a fan brushCream and liquid highlighters should always go on before your powder and you can either use a buffing brush or tap it on and blend with your fingers for a natural finish.

With all that out of the way, which highlighters are we going to be using this Summer?

We love a highlighter all year round. If you want something lighter and brighter, check out the highlighters we loved for Spring.

Writer and expert
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