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Why is cocoa butter great in a beauty routine?

Why is cocoa butter great in a beauty routine?
Team LF
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What better way to treat yourself this Easter than with an indulgent and nouirshing beauty product packed with cocoa butter? Rich in fatty acids, it helps to soothe dry and dehydrated skin and hair for a healthy, glowing and smooth finish.

What is cocoa butter?

Made from the cacao bean, cocoa butter is the fat source that makes every chocolate bar, truffle and button taste so alluringly smooth, silky and creamy. It's this incredible fat source that also makes it a great emollient in skincare, meaning it's perfect for moisturising and conditioning dehydrated and damaged skin.

With a natural scent that has a hint of dark chocolate, it's not only the most nourishing treat for th skin, but one of the most luxuriously indulgent.

Cocoa butter for the face

Rich in antioxidant compounds such as stearic acid and oleic acid, which help to neutralise damaging free radicals, cocoa butter is also a brilliant moisturiser for the skin. It can work wonders in reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles, making it a superb anti-ageing ingredient. Thanks to its incredibly hydrating properties that work to keep the skin plumped-up and glowing, it's perfect for all year-round when your skin goes through seasonal changes.

Due to its fatty acid content, a lot of people worry about it causing breakouts and clogging pores, but when included in skincare, the quantity is too low to cause spots on the skin. Instead, it helps to moisturise dry and dehydrated areas and leave the skin feeling smooth and looking super radiant.

Cocoa butter for the body

The fatty acids and antioxidants present in cocoa butter make it great to use on topical skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Its richly moisturising properties work to reduce inflammation and leave the skin feeling soothed, comfortable and protected.

Due to these incredibly nourishing properties, cocoa butter can also be used during pregnancy to help prevent stretchmarks and keep the skin supple and soft. The NEOM Organics Intensive Skin Treatment Candle makes for an indulgent treat after a hard day at work, while the Aurelia Firm and Replenish Body Serum is perfect for in the mornings when you want a quick yet effective moisturising treat.

Cocoa butter for the hair

As it works wonders on dehydrated and dry skin, it's little wonder that cocoa butter is also great to use in your haircare routine to keep your tresses healthy and soft. By flushing the hair follicle with moisture, your locks appear healthier, fuller and shinier, while chances of breakage are reduced as hair becomes stronger and more manageable.

In addition, if you have had your hair highlighted or dyed, cocoa butter can help to replenish the lost oils that have occurred in the colouring process. One of our favourite products is the Biolage R.A.W Curl Defining Styling Butter, which helps to give flexible hold that keeps curls in place and hydrated for 48 hours.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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