How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Exhaustion, poor diet and bad sleeping habits can all have huge effects on the health of our skin. The effects usually culminate in blemishes and a dull complexion, but it can also result in dark and puffy eyes. How to get rid of under eye bags is at the top of every woman’s skincare concern, so we are taking you through some tips and tricks to keeping your peepers looking refreshed.

There are creams and makeup products that can help to combat puffiness and under eye bags, but we want to take you through some lifestyle changes that can make a big difference too. Together, you will not only have more energy; your eyes will look awake and revived.

What Causes Under Eye Bags?

There are many reasons that can cause under eye bags to appear and make you look tired and puffy. Excess salt in your diet, exhaustion, late nights, and a poor diet can all have severe effects. However ageing and genetics can also play a huge part in their appearance. Ligaments underneath the eyes can weaken as you age, meaning that fatty tissue is no longer held in place and can fall.

Other factors such as hormonal imbalances, kidney problems, allergies and sinus infections can also cause under eye bags to appear. If you are feeling unwell, make sure you go and see a doctor to see whether your illness could be the root of your skin condition.

Top 3 Tips on How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

Follow these top tips on how to get rid of under eye bags and help your peepers look more refreshed and awake.

  1. Get Some Sleep

    This might sound seriously simple, but you need on average 8 hours of sleep a night for your skin to repair itself and perform at its optimal state. Sometimes, it can be hard to switch off and make the time to ensure we are getting enough rest, but if you want to banish those under eye bags, it is absolutely essential.

    When you sleep, fluid can build up in certain areas of the body, such as under the eyes, but when you wake up, if you haven’t had enough sleep, your body can stop your circulatory system from getting rid of this excess fluid.

    If you are struggling to sleep, try using therapeutic products such as the Deep Sleep range from This Works. Their Pillow Spray contains Lavender to calm you and help you drift off.

  2. Eat Water Rich Foods

    Cutting down on salt and foods that cause water retention will help to relieve under eye bags. The fluid that pools underneath the eyes could be as a result of a poor diet, so eating healthier and more balanced foods could help to banish it.

    Water-rich foods such as watermelon, Peppers, Spinach and Broccoli can all help to flush excess fluid from your bodies, so try to include these in your diet. Avoid an excess of caffeine, salt and sugar which can all cause you to hold onto water and result in puffiness.

    These 3 great smoothie recipes are a brilliant way to start your day and help your system flush out excess fluid.

  3. Use A Cooling Compress

    Cold compresses can help to reduce swelling and puffiness. They also feel really relaxing on tired eyes and can help to perk you up.

    Put an eye mask in a plastic bag and then pop it into the freezer for an hour or so. This will help to cool the mask without causing damage to it. Place it on your eyes for an immediate relief from puffiness. We love the Holistic Silk Eye Mask, which feels super soft and gentle around the eyes.

    For an added treatment, use the Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask, which can be smoothed on under the eye area and left for 15 minutes to reduce swelling and under eye bags. Follow with the Cooling Roll On to make your eyes sparkle even more!

If you suffer from dark circles, you can read more about how to combat them from our Pharmacist Hira.



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