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To celebrate the arrival of Earth Month, and of course our #LFBLOOMS Campaign, we are looking at how we can use more natural and environmentally products to care for our hair. We wash, style, dry and prep our hair every day, and this can lead to damage, dryness and breakage. Opting for more natural hair products and plant-based formulations can put much-needed nutrients and vitamins back into your hair so it becomes healthier, shinier and stronger.

Natural Haircare: The Ingredients to Avoid

A lot of the time, we read the descriptions on product bottles without actually reading what goes into the product itself. When looking at natural haircare options, try and avoid these ingredients and opt for more natural and plant-based formulations instead, as they will be gentler on your hair and scalp.

  • Sulphates are also known as Surfectants. They work by attracting oil and impurities from your scalp to leave your hair clean and dirt-free. As a result, they can also be irritating to the skin. When they wash away the dirt, they can also strip the protective oils away, which keep your hair healthy. Choose formulas that say SLS free such as Aveda and Pureology.
  • Parabens are common preservatives in haircare products. They work by inhibiting bacterial growth to keep your shampoo and hair healthy. However, parabens are chemicals and some studies have shown that they can disrupt the hormonal levels in your body. Opt for paraben-free formulations when looking at natural haircare options, such as the Mizani Collection.
  • Silicones are those little ingredients that help to keep your hair fibres smooth and glossy. However, a build up of silicones can coat the hair and prevent further treatments from penetrating the hair shaft. We love the Pureology Precious Oil Collection to keep our locks silicone-free but radiant.

Feed your Hair with Vitamins

Natural haircare does not end with choosing plant-based formulations. Taking in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients helps to keep it strong, vibrant and shiny. Making sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet will not only improve your skin and overall well-being, but will have an impact on your hair.

  • Eat your Omega 3’s! Omega’s help to nourish your hair from the inside out and keep it moisturised and healthy. By lubricating the hair fibres, hair is hydrated, bright and glossy. Add a supplement into your diet to help boost your Omega 3 intake.
  • Protein is essential for healthy hair. Your hair itself is made up of proteins, so needs nourishment to keep it healthy. Amino Acids will help combat problems such as dry or brittle hair so make sure to add these into your diet. Natural sources include fish, eggs and chicken. If you are looking for a supplement however, the Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements are a great option. The best thing? Jennifer Aniston takes them! And who doesn’t want hair like Jen?
  • Get your daily Zinc intake. Zinc is almost always found in healthy hair supplements and there’s a very good reason why. It can help to combat hair loss and thinning, while strengthening the hair follicle to keep your locks strong and healthy. Adding a zinc supplement into your diet will feed your hair, but you can also boost your intake by eating foods such as Nuts, Spinach, Kiwis and Sweet Potatoes.

‘Oh yes, I’ve got a healthy bag of vitamins I take three times a day, like Viviscal and your basic omegas and vitamin C. Good stuff.’ – Jennifer Aniston

Products for your Hair Type

There are many natural and organic based shampoos, conditioners and styling agents on the market. Choosing one that is suitable for your hair type and problem will ensure that it receives the best treatment possible.

  • Normal Hair can be mistreated due to the fact it does not always show visible signs of damage, and so you are not always aware that there is a problem. Choose a gentle formulation such as the Aveda Shampure range to care and nourish for your hair without causing build up or damage.
  • Coloured Hair requires a little extra love and TLC due to the fact that any colouring agent can dry out the hair follicles and leave them slightly damaged. We love Pureology’s range of shampoos, conditioners and styling agents, as they have been formulated to care for coloured hair. They are all sulphate and silicone-free, and use an exclusive AntiFadeComplex to keep colour strong and vibrant.
  • Dry Hair needs a boost of vitamins and nutrients to combat its problem, rather than masking it with heavy moisturising formulas. Opt for the Alterna Ten Perfect Blend Collection, which is completely free from parabens, sulphates and silicones. It contains ten essential nutrients and vitamins to fight the signs of damage at its source.
  • Curly Hair requires moisture and hydration to keep those curls soft and luminous! We love the Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner, which not only smells incredible, but is free from parabens, sulphates and silicones.
  • Fine Hair needs lightweight products to stop the hair from becoming weighed down and heavy. Louise Galvin has a great range of natural products to boost volume and leave hair bouncy. We love her Treatment Masque for Fine Hair, which helps to boost hydration without weight.

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