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The Benefits Of Yoga Before Bedtime

The Benefits Of Yoga Before Bedtime
Team LF
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Yoga is a form of exercise loved by supermodels and celebrities alike, such as Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba. It helps to strengthen your core muscles, increase flexibility, and improve your breathing and energy, but what are the benefits of yoga before bedtime?

Many people find exercising in the morning helps to energise them and prepare them for the day, but exercising at night also has incredible health benefits that can help you relax and drift off to sleep faster.

The Benefits Of Yoga Before You Sleep

Yoga involves finding your inner balance and Chakra, making it a much less strenuous form of exercise than cardio. In this way, it can help to relax your mind, calm your mood and take away the stresses of the day.

  • If you are suffering from aching muscles or pain in your joints, then yoga will help to work them out, and give you a much better sleep.
  • Yoga helps to improve your circulatory health and flow of energy throughout your body, making you feel happier and more content. When you go to bed feeling at ease and more relaxed, you have a much better sleep than when you go to sleep angry and stressed.
  • Just 30 minutes of yoga is 30 minutes you are spending away from electronic devices such as televisions and mobile phones. These can seriously disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling more awake when you go to bed. Opt to do yoga instead and you'll drift off much faster.
  • If you are stressed out about something or have something on your mind, yoga can help to clear your head and balance you. Going to bed with your mind racing can leave you open to a sleepless night, so practicing yoga exercises instead will help to prevent that.
  • Yoga requires a relaxing environment in which to practice it - think candles, low lighting, blankets and essential oils. This environment itself is enough to send anyone to sleep, so coupled with yoga's relaxing poses, it will seriously relax you.

Best Bedtime Yoga Pose

There any many different types of yoga poses that you can practice to activate different parts of your body. Before bed however, keep the exercises relaxing, easy and balanced. Our favourite is the Child Pose, which makes us feel relaxed, lovely and well-stretched.

The Child Pose

the benefits of yoga
  1. Get in a kneeling position on your yoga mat.
  2. Stretch your arms forward, while keeping your tailbone pushed back against the the back of your heels.
  3. Stretch until you feel comfortable and then rest your arms into a relaxing position. Your stomach should sit on top of your thighs.
  4. Sit in this position for as long as you feel comfortable, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

Best Bedtime Beauty Products

To help send you off to sleep, these are our favourite beauty products which keep us grounded, relaxed and calm.

  • To set a relaxing mood, light the This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle, which contains notes of Lavender and Chamomile to create a calm atmosphere.
  • Mio's Liquid Yoga is great to use after practicing yoga to help relax your muscles and ease your joints. It smells divine, and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.
  • The Holistic Silk Massaging Slippers are great for practicing yoga in as they massage your feet, which helps to increase circulation and keep you relaxed. Plus they look gorgeous!
  • Once you have finished your yoga pose and had a bath, spritz the This Works Body Therapy on your skin, which contains Lavender to soothe your skin and help you drift off.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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