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The best beauty tips for Ramadan

The best beauty tips for Ramadan
Holly James
Beauty Writer11 months ago
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If fasting during Ramadan tends to take it's toll on your skin, hair and nails, our in-house pharmacist, Aruj, has all the advice on how to maintain moisture levels to keep glowing all month...


What is Ramadan? 

"Ramadhan is a holy month for Muslims, where we fast for thirty days from sunrise to sunset. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam where we don’t eat any food or drink any water. We spend this blessed month praying, giving to charity and being mindful of our actions and behaviours towards others. The benefits are rewarding during this spiritual journey, where individuals can self-reflect on every aspect of their life."


How to keep the skin healthy during Ramadan

Q: What's the most common concern for your skin during Ramadan? 

A: "Dehydrated skin is one of the most common skin concerns due to not being able to drink water during the day, lack of sleep or even having a weakened skin barrier (when the outer layer of your skin has difficulty slowing down water loss from the skin surface). Many skin concerns can temporarily arise including dull dry skin, sensitivity, breakouts and even fine lines and wrinkles."

Q. Do you feel asthough fasting affects your skin? If so, how? 

A: "Yes, I feel like I can look tired and less radiant due to lack of sleep, hydration and nutrients, especially when I have a busy work schedule. My skin also tends to feel less soft and can also become shiny due to lack of moisture during the day."

Q. What is your top tip for keeping skin healthy and maintaining hydration during Ramadan? 

A: "Apply a hyaluronic acid serum on damp skin before applying your moisturiser to help retain moisture and to help strengthen your skin barrier. I use a hydrating toner/thermal spring water mist before I apply my serum to help hydrate and soothe my skin. Even throughout the day I am constantly hydrating my face with a handy size of the Avene Thermal Water Mist!"

"I opt for a moisturiser with added vitamin C during the day to help protect my skin against environmental aggressors and for a radiance boost to help achieve a brighter complexion. And obviously, not forgetting to follow up with SPF for advanced protection during the day!"


How to keep the nails healthy during Ramadan

Q. What's the most common concern for your nails during Ramadan? 

A: "Weak, brittle nails that tend to break easily and dry cuticles." 

Q: Which nail products are you allowed to use during Ramadan?

A: "Nail and cuticle oil, nail file, hand and nail cream, cuticle nipper. We aren't allowed to wear nail polishes during the month."

Q: Do you feel as though fasting affects your nails? If so, how? 

A: "My nails don’t tend to grow as long, and my nail bed can feel thin due to lack of hydration and essential nutrients. I leave my nails bare during Ramadhan and I am washing them regularly before prayers so my hands especially my cuticles can become very dry as well."

Q: What is your top tip for maintaining healthy and strong nails during Ramadan?

A: "Applying a cuticle oil and hand cream each time you wash your hands can help nourish and moisturise your nails. I also take marine liquid collagen when I break my fast to help support and strengthen my nails. There are also halal certified nail hardeners available that you can apply during Ramadan to help treat weak brittle nails."


How to keep hair healthy during Ramadan

Q: What's the most common concern for your hair during Ramadan? 

A: "Having dry brittle hair and scalp and even hair fallout."

Q: Do you feel as though fasting affects your hair? If so, how?

A: "Yes, I can find the strands at the end of my hair can become very dry. I can also shed more hair due to lack of protein when I break my fast as I tend to crave and eat sugary snacks for energy after a long day of fasting - not good I know!"

Q: What is your top tip for keeping hair healthy, shiny and hydrated during Ramadan?

A: "Apply a restorative hydrating moisture mask at least twice a week before you wash your hair especially on your dry ends. Wash with moisture-rich ingredient shampoos and conditioners to help replenish your hair. I also make sure that I apply a hair oil to my damp hair before I use my hair dryer. This can help to protect and add shine to my hair and give a smooth finish!"


How to keep the body healthy during Ramadan

Q. What's the most common concern for the skin on your body during Ramadan? 

"Dry skin which can have a rough texture, most likely because I am rushing out of the shower and forgetting to moisturise my body, especially when I am hosting a Ramadan dinner with my family and friends in the evening!"

Q. How does fasting affect the skin on your body?

A: "I tend to get a rough flaky texture on my body due to lack of hydration and neglect and generally being tired especially with waking up in the early hours to close my fast."

Q. What is your top tip for keeping the body hydrated and comfortable during Ramadan 

A: "I use a body scrub in the shower to help exfoliate dead skin cells at least once a week. I then follow with a moisturising body wash. I have found a new favourite skin oil to apply straight after the shower. It's formulated with Vitamin E that can really help nourish targeted areas of my body to help provide that extra hydration.

Holly James
Beauty Writer
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