Daniel Sandler Red Carpet look

Want to emulate the gorgeous ladies of the Red Carpet from last nights Oscars, well now you can thanks to Daniel Sandler and his beautiful red carpet look.

Watch the video to get a step by step guide to this illuminating red carpet look.
To get the look Daniel used the Invisible Radiance Foundation – select the shade to suit your skin. Next up Daniel adds the Riveria Creme Bronzer to the apples of the cheek, followed by the Invisible pressed blotting powder to matte the skin.
Then Daniel adds the lip colour which is Micro bubble lipstick in Titanium, he applies it with a lip brush. By putting on the lip colour first, he can see how much eye shadow to use. Daniel opts for a brown colour and a lighter gold that can be found in the Beyond Sunset Quad Palette.
Finally he finishes the look with a brown eyeliner and Jumbo Jet mascara in black .




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