How-To | Give your lashes lift with Magnetic Lash

With eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and everything in between all the rage these days, we were really intrigued to try the lash extensions mascara from Santhilea – Magnetic Lash. This natural lash extension system brought to you by Santhilea London follows a 3 step programme to create gorgeous, ultra glam, long lashes that are easily mistaken for falsies.

Magnetic Lash | Lookfantastic

– Step by step guide to Magnetic Lash

Magnetic Lash is perfect for anyone with short, fair, or sparse eyelashes or those who simply want a break from eyelash extensions. The process is simple, easy to follow and not too time consuming considering the amazing, lengthening results. The mascara duo works due to its separate magnetic lash fibre brush which enhances length and volume by gripping to your eyelashes after an application of the bespoke mascara.

Step 1 – Ensure lashes are clean and free of mascara.

Step 2 – Apply Magnetic Mascara (stage 1) onto clean lashes from base to tip.

Step 3 – Apply fibres (Stage 2) whilst Magnetic Mascara is still wet, focusing on the ends of the lashes.

Step 4 – Long, thick, ultra-glam lashes…again and again.

As an avid falsies fan myself and after trying the amazing Magnetic Lash I cannot recommend it enough. The process, although a little longer than any normal mascara, is so simple and easy to do and I really was left shocked by how amazing the results were. Having spent years trying to find the perfect mascara and failing miserably, finding a product that gives results as good as this for the same price as many on the market is an amazing April treat!!

You can shop Magnetic Lash here at Lookfantastic and save 10% with your order. Give this lash changing, beauty must have a try and let us know what you thought about it. Leave your comments below.




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