Last minute party prep

‘Tis the season to party! We’ve all done it; as organised as we think we are, something always crops up at the last minute.

No matter how uber prepared we think we are for the busy time that is Christmas, it’s almost guaranteed that a) you have to pop into town for a last minute gift, b) pop to the supermarket for that all important but yes forgotten about ingredient, or c) get your shoes re-heeled as, although you’ve planned your outfit weeks in advance, only just realised that you’ve already danced your faves flat out! And it’s all eating into your party preparation time!

If however you really are the epitome of organisation but have in fact just had an impromptu party invitation sprung upon you…accept it now! Let me reveal three top party tricks to have you ready in no time at all!

1. butter LONDON Pumps


My faves for last minute prep

A quick spritz of this de-puffing and wonderfully refreshing spray will have you forgetting all about your day of hurrying around and pulling out those dancing shoes!

2. Jessica Quick Dry

You will go to the ball with beautiful nails! A quick slick of polish followed by a drop of Jessica’s Quick Dry will have your nails ready in no time at all. The 60 second drying formula means no scratching, smudging or wrinkling. Done.

3. Benefit Kitten Classic

Grant yourself instant glamour status with some shimmering powder. Dust over your shoulders, legs and a little in the hair and they’ll never guess you got ready in five!

Now go on girl, dance the night away!

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