A Beauty Chat with PUR Cosmetics Ambassador Lynnette Cole

A Beauty Chat with PUR Cosmetics Ambassador Lynnette Cole

To celebrate our Pro Series, we caught up with PUR Cosmetics ambassador Lynnette Cole to chat all things beauty, both inside and out!

The Bio

PUR Cosmetics are well known in the industry for their mineral based makeup, which feature ingredients that are caring to the skin. We couldn’t wait to sit down with Lynnette Cole, their ambassador of over a decade, to discuss what makes them so special.

Lynette has been involved with the beauty industry for nearly 2 decades, after competing in beauty pageants and winning Miss USA. Now she is working with PUR to help more of us discover their amazing natural makeup products.

The Interview

Question: Why did you choose to work with PUR Cosmetics?

I cannot help but still be in total admiration of the brand and how they view makeup as an extension of skincare and looking after the skin!

PÜR Cosmetics’ complexion products are infused with good for your skin ingredients like minerals, plant extracts, purified retinol, lactic acid and ceramides that provide natural beautiful coverage today for even better looking skin over time!

Whether you have hyper-pigmentation, redness, under eye dark circles, blemishes skin irritation or sensitivity towards makeup – you can wear PÜR with confidence that you are doing something good for the skin.

We are paraben free and a cruelty free brand, that is clinically tested and formulated without talc, oils, fillers or chemical dyes. With PÜR Cosmetics, you are getting so much more from your makeup!

Question: What’ is the most important life lesson you’ve learnt so far?

Success is happiness. Becoming successful is a combination of hard work, preparation and opportunity. Maintaining success is like a relationship, it requires attention, care, nurturing and respect.

Question: We would love to see more women in business, do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Knowledge is power! Keep educating yourself and broaden your social and intellectual reach by reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, networking and having a mentor.

Even if topics or the networking groups are out of your field of expertise there is so much to gain from someone else’s knowledge. Also be generous with your success by mentoring and lifting-up others.

Question: What is the one makeup item you cannot live without during fashion week?

My one makeup item is always the 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup! This one product is foundation, setting powder, concealer and SPF15 all in one!

Whether you have 10 minutes or just a single minute to apply your makeup, 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup hands down is the quickest complexion product to apply that always looks flawless!

Question: Can you share a beauty secret you swear by?

Using a fantastic masque on the skin (like Dirty Girl by PÜR Cosmetics) is a must! This is a quick and easy way to refresh your complexion!

I also love using hydrating moisturizers that provide instant hydration and relief to tired, stressed skin!

Question: What is your favourite makeup trend of the season?

Our passion at PÜR Cosmetics is skin and how a women looks and feels about it is important to us!

On the runway and in editorials you see bold lips, nude eyes and brows but none of these features would look as stunning or noticeable without a flawless complexion!

Question: Who is your beauty icon?

I have a long list of beauty icons! I am constantly pulling inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg, Cher, just to name a few! As a brand, our number one beauty icon is “women”. We are inspired every day by our PÜR Beauties!

Question: What are your makeup favourites for this Autumn/Winter?

Autumn/Winter is my favourite season! Beautiful skin is always on trend! I am loving Air Perfection Cushion Compact foundation that instantly provides a dewy finish to skin!

You can lightly layer it with a translucent powder for that barely there-no makeup – makeup look!

Question: What beauty faux pas do you see too often?

One beauty faux-pas is wearing the wrong shade or texture foundation for your skin!

For the most natural looking foundation, colour match on the collar bone and always have two textures of foundations (cream, liquid, or powder) in your makeup bag. And brows! Brows are unique to our individual face and eye shape. Don’t try to mimic everything you see!

Question: If you had to pick one item from your collection what would it be and why?

My go to is always the 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, but I have to say the Love Your Selfie 2 palette is a close second! Just like the 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, the Love Your Selfie 2 palette is multifunctional (it includes 8 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter, a blusher, a lip pencil, a lip gloss and a Fully Charged Mascara!)

For myself, my makeup bag is very small so these products are fantastic for my busy travel schedule. And as an artist, I love full face palettes to take on set for a quick touch up or when on “location” you have all the essentials you need in one place!

Jasmine Gibson

Jasmine Gibson

Ethical Beauty Specialist

Hailing from sunny Warrington, I spend my days filling you in on the best beauty tips on our social media channels. But the obsession doesn’t end there; I am always hunting down new products and being Vegan, nothing makes me happier than discovering an amazing Cruelty Free beauty brand! My signature look is a bold bright lip with winged eyeliner.