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Beauty Discoveries: N is for NEOM Organics Christmas Wish Candle

Beauty Discoveries: N is for NEOM Organics Christmas Wish Candle

Nothing quite says Christmas like a NEOM candle. The festive collection is made up of two scents, one of which is the Christmas Wish fragrance: a blend of warming and spiced oils that leave the home smelling very inviting.

We absolutely love NEOM Organics candles thanks to their natural and potent actives. Blended with organic and good-for-you ingredients, the candle is also made from Soy, which burns cleanly into the air. As they are so powerful, they only need to be burned for a short period of time to benefit from their divine scent, making them last longer.

The NEOM Christmas Wish Scent

The Christmas Wish scent is made up of 13 pure essential oils to rebalance the mind and give your home that festive touch. Infused with Mandarin for a citrus addition, Tonka Beam for warmth and Cinnamon for a little Christmas spice, the candle fills the home with a comforting and inviting fragrance.

If you like the smell of freshly baked Christmas cake, you will absolutely love this candle!

The Therapeutic Benefits

The scent itself has been made with a blend of unique and pure essential oils that help to de-stress you and leave you feeling calmer and more balanced. The time between Christmas and New Year can be stressful as you are going to work and yet trying to enjoy the holiday with your family, so lighting this for just an hour will immediately help to reduce tension and leave you feeling happier and more festive.



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