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What are cleansing masks and why are they set to become 2018’s hottest skincare trend?

What are cleansing masks and why are they set to become 2018’s hottest skincare trend?
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Cleansing masks have been around for some time, but in recent months they have been gaining incredible popularity in the East thanks to their powerful skincare abilities.

What are cleansing masks?

Gaining popularity throughout China and Asia, cleansing masks are so much more than facial cleansers. In fact, a report by Mintel states that 40% of urban Chinese woman now use cleansing masks as part of their skincare routines. This is in part due to rising pollution levels, which is making anti-pollution skincare treatments more and more popular, and regular face washes you rinse down the sink after 10 seconds much less desirable.

Part cleanser, part mask, they contain more concentrated ingredients to really deep cleanse the skin, whilst also offering more targeted benefits such as exfoliation and clarification. They are designed to be left on the skin for any amount of time between 1 and 10 minutes, and are brilliant as an intensive treatment if you live in a city or need a quick skin fix for a special occasion.

8 of the best cleansing masks

Natura Bissé Stabilizing Cleansing Mask

The Natura Bissé Stabilizing Cleansing Mask comprises of a dual-action formula, working as both a cleanser and face mask to detoxify and decongest the skin. A blemish-fighting formula of tea tree and 2% salicylic acid gently exfoliates and lifts away impurities and dirt, while aloe vera soothes and calms down any irritation.

Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Scrub, Cleanser and Mask

For sensitive skin in need of a truly deep cleanse, the Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Scrub, Cleanser and Mask is the perfect choice. Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control, the cleansing mask helps to gently exfoliate away impurities, soothe irritation and cleanse the skin for a renewed, healthy and glowing complexion.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse

Sarah Chapman's Rapid Radiance Cleanse is a powerhouse of powerful antibacterial ingredients, including lactic and salicylic acids, which are great for removing impurities and sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion. This is one of the best cleansing masks to use if you suffer from combination or congested skin and feel like you need to give your pores a deep cleanse.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

The clay-based formula of Clinique's Anti Blemish Solutions Cleansing Mask is perfect for anyone with a breakout in need of a quick fix. Oil-free and super gentle on the skin, the cleanser and mask duo works to draw impurities from the skin and reduce redness and irritation; leaving the skin comfortable, calmed and beautifully cleansed.

Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser & Purifying Mask

Perfect for normal to combination, Estée Lauder's Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser & Purifying Mask can be used as a separate mask if you need a deeper cleanser, but for everyday, when massaged in for 5 minutes works great as a more targeted treatment than a regular facial cleanser. Combining essential minerals with natural botanicals, the cleanser helps to unclog pores and improve the appearance of the skin for a luminous finish.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser

Elizabeth Arden's Superstart Probiotic Cleanser contains a blend of pink and green clays to draw out impurities, alongside a probiotic complex which helps to fortify the skin's natural defense barrier to keep it healthy and glowing. The whipped mousse formula transforms into a foam when mixed with water, and when left on the skin for 1 minute leaves skin beautifully cleansed and soft.

this works Light Time Cleanse & Glow

This amazing cleansing mask can be left on for any time between 1 and 10 minutes to deep cleanse the skin and leave it glowing. this works Light Time Cleanse & Glow contains Vitamin C to brighten and Vitamin E to nourish and shield against damaging external aggressors, while jojoba intensely hydrates to leave the skin super soft, healthy and radiant.

ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser

A 3 -in-1 cleansing mask, ESPA's Optimal Skin ProCleanser acts as a cleanser, exfoliant and face mask. Pumpkin enzymes and jojoba spheres gently slough away dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion, while moringa seed extract gently cleanses and nourishes dehydrated skin. This mask has such a comforting texture, we like to massage it into the skin for 5-10 minutes to really reap its benefits.

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