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Celebrating Confidence With #IAmFantastic

Celebrating Confidence With #IAmFantastic
Team LF
Writer and expert7 years ago
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We have officially launched our very special #IAmFantastic campaign, to celebrate confidence, beauty and the expert advice we have here at lookfantastic.

We want to make women and men of all ages feel and look fantastic every day. So, with the help of our expert team of beauty editors and amazing brands, we have come together to create a campaign that celebrates just how beautiful you are.

If you have trouble with dehydrated skin, we have advice on how to find your perfect moisturiser. If you'd like to tone down your bold makeup, we have an exclusive video with bareMinerals which can help get you there. Whatever beauty problem you are looking to remedy, which can help to boost your confidence, we have the answers and all of the solutions to help you.

Beauty is more than skin-deep, which is why we have a team of experts to understand your problem and help you fix it, without simply masking it away. We have all the advice and tools you need to become and stay the most confident version of yourself you can be....Welcome to #IAmFantastic.

Meet the people behind #IAmFantastic

To help shape our campaign, we enlisted the help of some of our Beauty Ambassadors, The Beauty Set and our lookfantastic customers, to find out what it is that makes them feel confident.

Bethan Webb

bethan webb #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My mum!

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: The time that stands out most recently was filming and publishing my first YouTube video. I decided to stick to my go-to make up look as a first impression. I was nervous and so apprehensive of what people would say and think. As soon as I hit the publish button, my timeline was flooded with the most amazing messages and comments. I felt strong and proud of myself. It was an amazing feeling being able to put myself out there and have a positive response.

Favourite beauty product: MARY LOU-MANIZER! I use this in most of my videos and I am just obsessed! The packaging is so fun and playful and the quality is buildable and lasts on your skin all day!

Beauty to me is accepting that everyone looks different. You’re not going to look like everyone else and that’s okay. There’s only one of you and that’s beautiful!

Brooke Moore

brooke moore #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My mum is probably the most important and inspirational person in my life. She has been my best friend since day one and even at 57 she is up for trying any new makeup trend or product.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: On my first date with my boyfriend. I had just come back from a spa break in Italy and my skin felt and looked amazing, I finally had lost weight and got into this little black dress. It was the middle of the summer and we went for dinner and then walked all night along the river, I never felt so amazing. Like I had finally become the woman I was meant to be.

Favourite beauty product: Benefit Pore-Fessional Primer- it’s perfect for hiding pores and smoothing out skin that has been shaved or has slight stubble.

Beauty means everything! It’s given me the freedom and courage to be the person I am today.

Jaydene Christie

jaydene christie #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My favourite person is my mum, she brought me and my 3 brothers up as a single mother. She always does her best to provide for us to make sure we never go without. She's the backbone to our family and everyone calls to her when they need help and she always comes through. She's got a amazing sense of humour and has always supported me.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: A time I felt and looked fantastic was 2 years ago on holiday with all my friends, it was before everyone went to university and the summer was just about chilling. I had green hair, and was having an incredible time in the sun. I felt carefree, it was amazing.

Favourite beauty product: Estée Lauder Double wear foundation. It's a perfect colour match, it  stops me from looking like an oily mess, has amazing coverage and it leaves me looking flawless!

Beauty to me is just being whoever you want to be. Its embracing your quirks and understanding that diversity is beautiful.

Graham Reid

graham reid #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My best friend, Sarah. She is a wonderful human being. She is inspiring. She pushes me to be myself. She pushes me to question everything. She is happy when I am happy. She has always urged me to be who I wanted to be and always has my bets interested at heart. She doesn’t accept societal ‘norms’- she accepts people for who they are. She wants to be an art therapist one day to help young children. She is a blessing to everyone that she meets. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: In Madrid with my best friend we decided to go out one night for a few ‘beverages’. I had silver, blond hair at the time. I curled it tightly and the roughed it to the side to create perfect waves that you could surf, if you so desired. I took an age to apply my makeup, ensuring each product was dry before applying the next. My base was flawless. I honestly looked like someone who got their 8 hours every night and ate a perfect diet. I applied a smokey, grey eye to compliment my hair and I applied a killer red lip; move out of the way Snow White. My nails were painted black and I wore a black, lace top and red trousers to tie it all together. I felt coordinated and in control of my life, for the first time. I felt like an adult. I felt on top of the world. I felt sassy and put-together.

Favourite beauty product: Fudge Violet Shampoo. It neutralises yellow tones and keeps my hair silver. If you have bleached your hair you want to keep the base as yellow-free as possible and this shampoo does this easily. If you leave it in your hair for long enough, it will die/dye it purple. Follow the instructions carefully and learn from my mistakes. But that’s a story for another time.

Self-love is not conceited and vein. It is respect for the one body you have and will ever have. It is the only thing you properly own on Earth. Decorate your temple as you see fit.

Keshia East

keshia east

One person that means the most to you: That is very hard because my family have a very close unit. I would say my favourite trio is my mum, dad and sister. We always support and motivate each other! We even have a group chat on WhatsApp!

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: A great time is when I came to your offices and had my makeup and hair done! I am too used to being on the other side of the camera and to experience the alternative was such an amazing feeling. I felt great and had the best day!

Favourite beauty product: Pixi Glow tonic! OMG, everyone raved about this product; and they were being modest!

I think beauty is a personal journey; I think people find their inner beauty at different times and stages in their life. And personally speaking, It wasn’t until I started accepting myself for who I was that I truly felt beautiful.

Lauren Luxton

lauren luxton #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: I have so many wonderful people in my life, it’s really hard to choose one. But the person I’m going to say who means so much to me is my friend Louise. Louise told me about this collaboration with Look Fantastic so it’s thanks to her I’ve been given this amazing opportunity. It’s not often you meet such a wonderful friend later on in your life but Louise and I have become super close over the past few years and have so much fun together. She and her gorgeous family have brought so much joy and love to mine and Matt’s life and I really value her wonderful friendship, calming spirit, beautiful nature and love of skincare and a good scented candle!

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: My wedding day. I’d spent days on end thinking of every last detail of the day and had such a vision in my mind of how I wanted to look. I love fashion and my dress was love at first sight – a Mikado silk, drop waist ball gown topped off with a huge flower crown. My good friend did my make up for me and I felt my most beautiful. But I forgot to bring even a scrap of make up with me to the reception and looked like I’d been dug up by the end of the night. But I really didn’t care, it was the best day of my life.

Favourite beauty product: Benefit Dew The Hoola Bronzer – A gorgeous, matte liquid bronzer that I mix with my usual foundation when I get back from my holiday and have a bit more colour in my skin.

Beauty for me means not really caring what other people think. Just doing you and owning it.

Emma Jenkins

emma jenkins #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: How could I name anyone other than my mother? She is my strength, my role model, my driving force and my best friend. She is constantly worrying about me, making sure I'm happy and doing everything she can to make my dreams become a reality. Without her I would not have achieved all that I have, because she supports me, to be the very best version of myself. I will never be able to show or express just how much she means to me, and how very blessed I feel to have her at the centre of my life and my heart.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: It would have to be the moment I was crowned Miss Wales 2015. The front rows were filled with my friends and family, so watching them all scrambling over each other screaming just made me so immensely happy. I'd taken a good 2 hours to prep my hair and makeup for the show, I had bought all new products for the occasion and I was just so proud to have been chosen.

Favourite beauty product: ghd Soft Curl Tong – My hair would be wild and uncontrollable without the power of these tongs! Setting my hair with them is the only way of making sure it stays full and bouncy, all day and night... and the day after that, and the day after that...

The true beauty of a person is measured in their kindness, their loyalty and their generosity. Of course, if you can look lovely in red lipstick with a fabulous blow-dry, then all the better!

Louise Thompson

louise thompson #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My brother. He is literally my life. We were never that close as teenagers because we both went to separate single sex boarding schools. But we have lived together for the past 4 years in this super fun household. We cook together, film weird videos together (we used to party a lot together), we give each other relationship advice etc etc. I am very protective of him.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: When we won a BAFTA for Made in Chelsea. I wore all gold and had matching gold hair and some discount Jimmy Choo's I'd bought that were mega comfortable. It was so unexpected. I'm so glad I actually went to the effort of getting my hair done and finding a pretty dress, even though I had very low expectations for the win! I think the less mentally prepared you are sometimes the better, because I wasn't phased at all by getting on-stage in front of all those important people.

Favourite beauty product: Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief Primer. It's the perfect base for under makeup or just to get rid of red blemishes on a no makeup day.

Beauty to me, means looking polished yet understated.

Lydia Elise Millen

lydia millen #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: I feel like I don't give him enough credit sometimes but my dad is a pretty special human. He would rather suffer himself than ever see me, my brother or my sister be sad for even a moment. He's the most selfless person I know.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: As I get older I feel more and more fantastic if I'm perfectly honest. Year on year I become more comfortable, more confident and more happy with who I am!

Favourite beauty product: The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the perfect overnight treatment for hair that needs some TLC.

Beautiful people know who they are, they know who they want to be and their strong sense of self is intoxicating.

Marie Douse-Moody

marie douse-moody #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: One person that means so much to me is my 86 year old mother. I love her so much and she sacrificed so much to be the best single mum ever to me. Her love for me has no boundaries and she has always been selfless when it comes to me.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: I felt that I looked fantastic on my wedding day. It was many years ago, 19 to be exact, but that day was solely mine! I felt like a complete princess, all eyes were on me! My makeup was flawless and so was my hair, and I absolutely loved the way that I looked.  Many of my guests likened me to the bride in the film “Coming to America” That made me feel good!

Favourite beauty product: Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara – I love the clean look it gives, separating all my lashes. It’s great with simple, natural everyday makeup  and It’s my “go to” daytime mascara because it’s not clumpy or heavy.

Beauty on the outside is further enhanced once you feel happy with who you are and the skin you’re in.

Imogen Hudson

imogen hudson #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My family make me fantastic because they are the most incredible support system in the whole world. Without them I would be nothing. They shape me and influence every decision I make and I do everything in my power to make them proud of the person I grow into.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: I felt fantastic recently when I went to my first red carpet premiere. I felt AMAZING! I had a gown on and I felt like a mermaid princess!

Favourite beauty product: Pro blo - it's the perfect at home blow dry! I can make my hair as big as I want so quickly!

Beauty is always remaining true to your morals and being the best person you can possibly be.

Ola Pelavangu

ola pelavangu

One person that means the most to you: My husband Darcy means the absolute world to me. He’s always telling to remember to take a moment to wear different hats when it comes to being able to take a step back from a situation and see it from different points of view. I’ve been on the most amazing journey to self love and Darcy always tells me to shine from the inside out. This for me is so important because feeling fantastic comes before you can look fantastic.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: It was August Bank holiday last year and I got it the car, parked up at the barbers and took a seat. I was about to make the biggest decision I’d ever made in my life, I had my hair all shaved off and it was the most fantastic I’d ever felt and looked. It made me feel totally liberated. I think we attach so much to what we feel makes us beautiful to everyone else, but for me I never ever thought being bold enough to shave my head was a huge turning point for me, I had dared to make a big bold statement, unafraid of what anyone else thought because all that mattered was that I felt amazing. Since then I experiment with different hairstyles because I know see it as another way to express myself.

Favourite beauty product:. LANCÔME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA 24H FOUNDATION. I love the way this foundation sits on my skin and I find that it looks even better as the day goes on, as rather than looking oily, it keeps me matte but still gives me a really nice glow. I also like the fact that it’s buildable so I can go for a fuller coverage if I feel like it.

Beauty to me is understanding that there are things that I don’t like about myself that someone else would love to have.

Patricia Bright

patricia bright #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My daughter Grace. She motivates me to work harder, and actually enjoy life more.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: My recent 30th birthday party. I wore this amazing sparkly dress and felt like a QUEEN! It made me feel amazing, confident and sexy.

Favourite beauty product: I love anything from Illamasqua! Their products are fab, especially the Skin Base Foundation.

Beauty is all about confidence, owning who you are, and being happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Tabitha Warley

tabitha warley #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: My sister Maddison is my world. We’re two sides of the same coin; I’m dark haired and brown eyed and Maddison is (was – her hair is purple at the moment) blonde and blue eyed. We are obsessed with dog videos, eyeliner related memes and we message eachother every silly thought that pops into our heads ALL DAY LONG. Our life plan is to move to the seaside and live next door to each other on a street with pastel coloured terraced houses. I’ll have a chubby English bulldog called Bruno and Maddison will have a Brussels Griffon (you HAVE to google it if you don’t know – you’ll melt) called Pepe. She means the most to me because she’s more than just my sister, she’s my best friend

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: I think the only time I dressed up in the last year was my Running Club Christmas party in December. Being athletic; I run, gym, hike, climb, I don’t get dressed up anymore. Living in London is SO casual; we go for drinks after work after a makeup touch up in the loo’s so you never feel ‘fantastic’. But the northerner in me craves heels and a glam makeup look so at Christmas I donned a royal blue velvet dress, chunky platform heels and dared to have my legs out (nearly froze to death). I felt like I could conquer the world.

Favourite beauty product: The LFBEAUTYBOX – Really changing the game in terms of luxury beauty boxes. The packaging is a dream and I love the limited edition element; feels very exclusive and like I’m a real V.I.P.

Beauty treatments like waxing/threading, skincare and of course makeup, have allowed me to embrace the way I look, to be proud of being different.

Payal Manohar

payal manohar #iamfantastic

One person that means the most to you: This is very hard to answer, because I’m the woman i’am due to my parents. They bend over backwards to see me happy, and to watch me succeed. They have always let me follow my dreams, and supported my every decision. I’m their “little girl” and have spoiled me since I was a kid. Even during this competition they got all of their friends and family to vote for me, so they could hopefully watch me win. I have a tattoo on my shoulder that says “Protect our Pride Defend our Honor,” and it symbolises my family, to always protect them from harm and evil. My family is my rock, and hopefully I can make them really proud of me one day.

Tell us about a time you looked and felt fantastic: My wedding day. Every girl grows up dreaming about their wedding day, picturing themselves in a wedding gown, and how they would look. Last year my dreams met reality as I was putting on my wedding outfit, and getting my hair and makeup done, I felt SO FANTASTIC, and then when I saw the hubbies face when he first saw me, I knew I looked fantastic as well! It was pure joy, if I could reverse back time and go back to that moment I would! It was my special day, where everyone’s eyes were on me. All the self doubt, and self confidence issues disappear for a moment, because even I knew I looked fantastic, and nobody’s opinion was going to bring me down.

Favourite beauty product: GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Treatment - it's the best.

Trying new beauty products makes me happy, and I put on makeup because it lets me get creative and try new products.

Be confident in your beauty with lookfantastic.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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