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Discover the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil

Discover the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil
Team LF
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Between the cult Cleansing Balm and the ever popular Marine Cream, we didn't think ELEMIS could make their Pro-Collagen collection any better. How wrong we were. Enter the Pro-Collagen Marine Oil.

For those of you who love to play around with skincare, you need this oil in your life. Have your skincare routine down to a tee? You still need this oil. And yes, if you don't like oils, you absolutely need this one. ELEMIS isn't a skincare brand based on fads. They don't bring out products because a sudden trend has surfaced, they bring them out because they're good for your skin. Each one feeds your complexion with everything it needs to stay healthy, glowing and oh so gorgeous. But, just what is it that makes this oil so special and unique above all its counterparts?

What is the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil?

The gorgeous blue and green glass bottle of the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil holds an elixir so precious, you almost want to keep it on your shelf to admire it. It's seriously Instagrammable. However, it would be a real shame to never apply to your complexion as its literal skin-food.

The oil is essentially an antidote to ageing. Comprised of 3 different types of seaweed, it's been formulated to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while keeping the skin super hydrated and moisturised so that it stays elastic and youthful. With daily use, the oil helps to add radiance to the complexion and make it appear fresher, more revitalised and youthful.

Why Seaweed is Good For the Skin

As mentioned, the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil contains a trio of seaweed types including: Padina Pavonica, Golden Seaweed and Roaring Water Kelp. These 3 different water plants are brimming with unique skin benefits, but just what is it that makes them so different from other botanical extracts?

Essentially, anything that grows and lives in the planet's oceans has to be a little bit special. It has to adapt to changing environments and survive in extreme conditions; giving it powerful and very unique benefits. Strong tides, predators and very cold temperatures mean that these plants have to be resilient and strong; making them perfect at strengthening your skin too.

Seaweed, and all other different types of algae possess very targeted and concentrated antioxidants and minerals that work to feed the skin's cells and keep them healthy. By reinforcing the cell structure and keeping it strong, it acts as a potent barrier against free radical and environmental damage; meaning accelerated ageing is reduced, and the skin remains youthful and more elastic for longer.

Seaweed is also super soothing on the skin; making it a great ingredient to use if you have very sensitised or a reactive complexion. By reducing redness and irritations, signs of pigmentation are also eliminated.

How to Apply the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Oil

Any skincare routine should be a ritual of some sort. You should always take the time to massage products into the skin to really see visible results.

  1. Massage 4 drops of the oil in your hands to warm it up. As a relaxing experience, you can also inhale the wonderful scent to calm and soothe anxiety and tension.
  2. Pat onto the skin so that it's evenly spread across your face.
  3. Start from the bottom of your face and work upwards to massage the oil in. This helps with lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins.
  4. Use both morning and evening before your moisturiser.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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