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How to Thicken your Hair

How to Thicken your Hair
Writer and expert2 years ago
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If you're looking to improve the thickness of your hair, there are simple steps you can take to make this a reality. By switching up your hair care routine and making some changes to your diet, you can enjoy thicker, longer hair in as little as 30 days. Keep reading to discover our expert tips on how to thicken your hair quickly and effectively.

Use a Thickening Shampoo

There are a wide array of thickening shampoos for select from, so this product should be your first point of call. Thickening shampoos improve the volume, elasticity and thickness of your hair, leaving it with more body and bounce. See our guide to the best thickening shampoos.

We particularly love the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo, as it instantly adds life and volume into dull, flat hair. You'll notice that strands feel thicker and healthier, helping you achieve your perfect bouncy blow dry.

Use a Hair Thickening Treatment

Whether you prefer a spray, serum or tonic, Thickening Hair Treatments contain active ingredients such as Caffeine and Biotin. By regularly using these treatments, this helps to stimulate root growth and make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

The Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense not only makes the hair look and feel thicker, but it also improves the overall condition of the hair. Infused with peptides, Green Tea and Caffeine, this incredible product is an international bestseller.

As a three-step routine, the Nioxin System 2 Trial Kit for Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning contains a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in treatment. These products work in harmony to strengthen the hair, prevent damage, and improve thickness. If you're looking for a targeted daily regime, Nioxin is one of the best solutions.

Back-comb your roots

To cheat your way to thicker-looking hair, back-combing is the answer. All you need is a comb and hair spray. For best results, pull small sections of hair upwards, you should feel a slight tension at the roots. Starting a few inches from the root, gently comb the hair section in up and down motions. Following this, spray lightly with hairspray, focusing on the back of the hair section.

We love the ProBlo VolumiseMe Comb, as it provides a smooth and voluminous finish every time you use it.

Avoid heat styling tools

As much as we love hair appliances such as hairdryers, straighteners and curlers, it's best to minimise hair appliances if you are looking to thicken your hair. For best results, let your hair dry naturally and try heat-free hairstyles.

Improve your diet

Experts advise that if you have thinning hair or would like to thicken your hair, you should ensure that you're consuming sufficient Iron, Zinc and Biotin in your diet. These nutrients promote healthy hair growth and boost overall thickness.

Use supplements

The Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex supplements are an excellent choice to provide extra nutritional support and help to fast-track the process to thicker, healthier hair. These food supplements perfectly balance the vitamins and minerals you need to improve the quality, condition, and thickness of your hair. Key ingredients include Iron, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid and Selenium.

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Writer and expert
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