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How to Thicken your Hair

How to Thicken your Hair
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Last Updated: 15.08.23

If you're looking to improve the thickness of your hair, there are simple steps you can take to make this a reality. By switching up your hair care routine and making some changes to your diet, you can enjoy thicker, longer hair in as little as 30 days. Keep reading to discover our expert tips on how to thicken your hair quickly and effectively...

Try a Hair Growth Shampoo

A gentle but hardworking cleanser is essential for a solid hair growth routine, and when it’s formulated specifically for thinning hair – even better! Look for ingredients that support natural growth and help to strengthen your hair, while cleansing away follicle-clogging build-up that may be limiting your strands’ potential.

VIRTUE’s Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair is designed for just that.

“Our patented and proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL® is a blend of alpha and gamma keratins,” explains Erin Falco, lead chemist at VIRTUE. “Alpha keratins are large, spring-shaped proteins that repair damage, reduce breakage, and reinforce the strength of hair.”

“Gamma keratins are small, globular proteins that provide hair with elasticity and flexibility, helping to further reduce breakage and fall-out. Together they nourish the microbiome, enhance hair fibre survival and increase strength, thickness, and viability.”

Topped with sodium hyaluronate, red algae extract and rice-based humectants to hydrate, and biomimetic signal peptides to calm the scalp, this shampoo prioritises a healthy scalp to encourage natural growth.

Use a hair thickening treatment

Whether you prefer a spray, serum or tonic, Thickening Hair Treatments contain active ingredients such as caffeine and biotin. By regularly using these treatments, this helps to stimulate root growth and make the hair appear fuller and thicker.

The Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense not only makes the hair look and feel thicker, but it also improves the overall condition of the hair. Infused with peptides, green tea and caffeine, this incredible product is an international bestseller.

Avoid heat styling tools

As much as we love hair appliances such as hairdryers, straighteners and curlers, it's best to minimise your use of hot tools if you are looking to thicken your hair. For best results, let your hair dry naturally and try heat-free hairstyling tools - like heatless curlers!


Try an anti-hair loss treatment

There are plenty of products out there that pledge to create a fuller head of hair. But how do they work – and are hair loss serums the same as hair growth serums?

They’re not, as it turns out: “A hair loss serum with help stop hair loss, and a hair growth serum will promote thicker, fuller hair,” explains Mark Blake, hair trichologist at NIOXIN. “Anti-hair loss treatment work by reducing the amount of hair loss and hair fall. The more hair you have in the growing phase, the thicker your hair will look.”

“If you are losing hair this decrease the density of the amount of hair on your head, anti-hair loss treatments help prevent loss but also contain ingredients to thicken each individual hair whilst you use the product.”

Mark recommends the NIOXIN Anti-Hair Loss Treatment, featuring a strand-strengthening blend of caffeine and sandalore™ to help support hair anchorage and thicken the look of your mane.

“Caffeine stimulates blood flow to your scalp and helps counteract miniaturisation of the hair by inhibiting an enzyme that interrupts cell signalling in the hair bulb. Sandalore stimulates receptors found in the outer layer of the hair follicle, it also increase hair growth and decreases cell death in the hair.”

His top tips for getting the most out of the Anti-Hair Loss Treatment?

“The body regenerates when you are asleep, so leave your treatment on overnight to help optimise the treatment. Always remember the product only works on the scalp so don’t waste it and apply it to the hair.”

Improve your diet

Experts advise that if you have thinning hair or would like to thicken your hair, you should ensure that you're consuming sufficient Iron, Zinc and Biotin in your diet. These nutrients promote healthy hair growth and boost overall thickness.

Discover minoxidil

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of this hair loss ingredient. It’s rosemary oil’s lesser known (but just as powerful) sister, and is found in many medical hair loss treatments, as well as some over-the-counter formulas.

“Minoxidil is the only OTC medicinal treatment proven to help stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss,” reveals Regaine’s brand educator. “Minoxidil was discovered during clinical trials for high blood pressure treatment. During trials, minoxidil showed signs of being able to regrow hair as it helps reinvigorate shrunken hair follicles and regrow hair over time.”

Regaine for Women Once a Day Foam is a strand-supporting treatment that helps to improve growth. “It is scientifically proven to help regrow hair and even reverse hereditary hair loss. It works directly at the roots, strengthening and revitalising the hair follicle to grow noticeably thicker and fuller hair.​”

Powered by minoxidil, the daily treatment is designed to reactive inactive hair follicles to support natural, healthy growth – but only when applied once a day, every day!

Use hair supplements

Supplements have found their way into may beauty routines, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re easy to slot into your day, and are often powered by nutrient-rich vitamins that support our bodies from within – and that includes support for our hair!

“Hair supplements can be useful additions to your diet, enabling you to receive essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients at optimum levels you require for hair health,” explains Scarlett Weston, head of product and training at Hairburst. “A poor diet can be detrimental to hair, as nutritional deficiencies have been shown to cause hair loss, and brittle, slow growing hair.”

The Hairburst Vitamins for Healthy Hair are packed full of essential minerals and nutrients that help to optimise our diet and support healthy growth from the inside-out.

“The biotin and zinc included in each of our formulas help maintain healthy hair, as deficiencies in these have been shown to cause hair loss. Each formula contains a blend of key vitamins and minerals that together can combat any overall deficiencies in your body to support overall health that will positively impact your hair health and growth.”

However – it’s always important to eat a varied, balanced diet, alongside taking any supplements.

Try rice water

When it comes to hair growth treatments, you think of Minoxidil,” says Dr Ali Syed, master chemist and founder of As I Am. And while minoxidil is well-celebrated in the hair growth industry for a reason, Dr Syed reminds us not to overlook another ingredient:

“Black Rice has been used for many centuries for its medicinal benefits,” he explains. “It was reserved for Ancient Chinese Emperors because its rich in Antioxidants. Forbidden Black Rice extract is rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, which help protect the hair follicles from oxidative stress and help promote healthy hair growth. Its unique composition also provides nourishment to the scalp, strengthening the hair shaft and enhancing its overall vitality and lustre.”

So how can we incorporate rice water into our regular haircare routines? Dr Syed has the answer to that, too:

“The As I Am Rice Water collection promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and fights hair breakage. It is suitable for all hair types and textures. It won't cause protein overload and it's great for both low and high porosity hair.”

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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