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Freshers Week Beauty Survival Kits

Freshers Week Beauty Survival Kits
Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert1 year ago
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Freshers Week is fast approaching, welcoming a brand new wave of budding scholars – and professional partiers! Freshers Week is the perfect time to branch out from the routine you already know, allowing you to discover all things new and exciting. In our world, that counts for beauty too!

So if you or someone you know is heading to uni, we’ve put together the ultimate beauty survival kits to see you through Freshers Week – and beyond! Choose the perfect edit based on your (or their) personality!

The Procrastinator

For those who would much rather spend their morning lounging in bed than in a crowded lecture hall, this kit is for you! Minimalist, stripped-back routines are a must for the (dare we say) less punctual amongst us. Get lecture-ready in record time with an effortless skin tint, and add colour to ultra-tired complexions with a slick of barely-there liquid blush. Think: multi-purpose makeup and no-frills skincare that pack a punch without eating into your time or energy.

The Party Animal

A buzzing social life is a BIG part of many university experiences – and why shouldn’t it be? Getting ultra-glam to pre-drink in your kitchen is somewhat of a magical milestone, which means you need the very best tools to leave you looking your most sophisticated self. Think: shimmery shadows, a strong, statement lip, and hardworking wellness formulas to help ease you through inevitable hangovers.

The Creative One

Exploring your creative edge while at university is super significant – it offers a chance to live independently, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and discover exactly what makes you YOU. If you love to get artsy with your makeup looks, or if innovative beauty is the only thing that truly excites you, this Freshers Beauty Kit will leave you completely satisfied. Think: bold colours, fun textures and revolutionary formulas.

The Vegan Edit 

Vegan is a lifestyle choice that not only helps the animals but also aids our planet. That's why we've got a whole host of vegan alternatives to kit out any beauty collection. Our Vegan Survival Kit features the very best beauty formulas so you can enjoy quality products with none of the guilt! Think: fan-favourite vegan beauty that won’t compromise on efficacy.

The Planet Protector

Sustainable beauty is the trend that just refuses to slow – and we’re couldn't be happier about it! For the ones who like to live as green as possible, 2022 has seen a vast range of eco-conscious products take centre stage, helping to expand the definition of mindful beauty. This planet-friendly Freshers Kit stars the very best sustainable products to see you through the first few weeks of university. Think: hardworking beauty that’s kind to hair, skin AND planet.

Penny Lafferty
Writer and expert
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