How Healthy is Your Scalp?

For many of us (me included) healthy hair is right at the top of our beauty list. A mane of hair is often the first thing you notice about a person and first impressions count! The condition of our hair is mostly considered to be down to the products we use on the hair itself, but more recently, Phyto have been leading the way with scalp health.

In fact, sometimes our hair can appear healthy on the surface but your scalp could be telling a different story.

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp.

How Can you Tell if Your Scalp is Healthy?

As experts in the haircare field, Phyto have pioneered a scalp camera, which we brought along to our #LFBlooms event earlier this year. Some months on, bloggers are still raving about the experience of using it to us, which is exactly why we thought you all needed to hear about it.


Phyto use the scalp camera to enable us to “see the unseen” and understand the true health of a person’s scalp underneath the surface. It can reveal problems such as dandruff, sensitivity, oiliness, thinning broken hair and build ups.

Whilst most people think conditions like dandruff are hair problems, these are actually conditions created underneath the hair follicles and so are in fact scalp problems that can be treated with a breadth of different products.


Someone may think they have sensitivity but may in fact have dandruff, or assume they have an oily scalp but it’s just product build up! What the scalp camera enables Phyto to do is prescribe exactly what the customer needs to help them improve their hair health naturally, whilst also providing a breadth of solutions for all hair problems.

Similarly, some people believe that they only need one type of shampoo for their hair but many factors (external and internal) can cause the health of our hair to change over the months and therefore we may need to change shampoos to adhere to those problems. Phyto can provide a mix of different hair products to combat many different problems.

Watch it in Action

At our #LFBlooms event, we invited bloggers to find out just how healthy their scalp was, and many were surprised by the results! In fact, we still get many questions about the machine and we love seeing everyone’s reaction to it, still. So, all of this has got us asking….

How healthy is your scalp?



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