Illamasqua Influencer Makeovers

Illamasqua is one of the most colourful and creative makeup brands we know. To show exactly why we love them, we invited 10 of our top Lookfantastic Beauty Ambassadors to the exclusive Illamasqua School of Makeup Art to receive personal makeovers from their industry-leading makeup artists before our Lookfantastic and Illamasqua launch party.

Not only was it chance for a selection of our Lookfantastic influencers to get to know the products a little bit more – and get glammed up before the big Lookfantastic and Illamasqua launch party at Sketch – but it was chance for us to have a natter and get to know these inspiring women a little more. Just some of the ladies in attendence were Kristy Green, The Confetti Crowd, Maddie Bruce, Meg Says, Lucia Thomas HowardTashie Tinks and more! See if you can spot your favourites in our photos below.

Over all, it made the perfect pre-party and was a fantastic chance to learn more about Illamasqua, our Lookfantastic Beauty Ambassadors and a selective number of top beauty professionals that little bit better. Oh – and the finished looks are pretty breath-taking, too!

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Read more about our Lookfantastic nad Illamasqua launch party on our blog right here.

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